Black Friday Haiku

Must have doorbusters

The madness of Black Friday

Get ready set go

Don’t delay act now

Supplies are all running out

Flying off the shelves

We have what you want

What you really really want

Give thanks for CO!

♪ ♫ “Shoppers rush home with their treasures…” ♪ ♫, Katie K.


  1. OMG, Those adorable things must REALLY be flying off the shelves!

  2. No fair! They’re hoarding them all! I I just know that there will be no rainchecks issued. *stomps off to locate manager*

  3. “It’s not my fault! they just jumped off the shelf right into my basket! Honest!”

  4. Basket of Puppies :) My must have for Black Friday :)

  5. *runs off with lady’s shopping cart…*

  6. *catches up with sugitomo and asks if we could share teh puppehs *

  7. Express lane sign states
    *Clearly*, Ma’am, in red neon:
    ‘Six labbies or less’.

  8. Must.Have.White.Furry.Puppy!


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