Why Not Try a New Thanksgiving Tradition

This time of year, families gather for the traditional feast. And every family has those weird dishes that only appear at Thanksgiving. This coati mundi says no feast is complete without ears, delectabuls ears.

Fave Frame:

OMG a fennec fox AND a coati mundi AND a pomeranian, ignoramusky! Really you shouldn’t have.



  1. the Russian version of the title does indeed translate as “Tasty Ears”

    i’m pretty sure “squee” needs no translation

  2. AND birds chirping in the background! Ded!

  3. kibblenibble says:

    That Fennec fox must be delicious.

  4. That fennec fox is the very definish of patience.

  5. OMG the truth can now be heard. Tracylee is a coati!

  6. I have always suspected as much.

  7. coatimundi knows what’s up, that’s for sure.

  8. Holy carp. when the coati and pom tag-team the fennec earses! 😯

  9. nah, I’m human (pretty sure). coati is apparently my spirit animal though! NOMNOMNOM

  10. If I had a fennec fox, I would be doing the same thing.

  11. PS: Note the long, pointy coati schnozz!

  12. I used to think Japan was the epicenter of cute, but Russia has really been knocking it out of the park lately!

  13. I muss trim deeses eeeers…dey way too beeeg!

  14. “Your ears are so kronsche-able!”

  15. It’s not just Nosevember – It’s Nose-Nom-Ear!

  16. Sister Bertrille , You are cleared for take off on runway squeeeeee !

  17. That is most certainly an awesomely patient fennec fox. I bet those ears were well and truly dampened by the time the pom and the coati were done with him (or her).

  18. I know! I didn’t see that coming. All of the sudden the pom appeared and the little fox just looked so resigned to the spit baths!

  19. Who has a fennec fox, a coati and a pom on a beach towel in their living room?!? With a bird chirping in the background? Where is this enchanted living room?

  20. My 10 year old screeches out behind me: “That’s a Fennec Fox!”

    *Waves pom poms* Hurray for Montessori school!!

  21. BOOM!

  22. I did think it particularly suitable for Nosevember. 🙂

  23. Really, isn’t that what we ALL would do?

  24. My thoughts exactly!

  25. LOL!

  26. Fennec fox; officially the cutest animal on the face of the earth (which is why they are endangered and why there is one on my daily diary; ‘Look at the puppy and ALL WILL BE WELL’). That plus a coati and a pom! My day is made!

  27. snorglepup says:

    Ear envy.

  28. I wanna nom dem fennec ears! Coati, you have to share!

  29. I was under the impression that fennecs are normally supposed to be ping-ponging-off-the-walls hyperactive types. That makes this lil’ guy an impressively patient little foxy.

  30. That is a lot of ear to nuzzle.

  31. W-A-N-T

  32. He had probably been fending off the Coati for HOURS….and was now just too tired…..zzzzzzzz……..

  33. ‘ear, ‘ear!

  34. Who wouldn’t want to nom a fennec fox’s ears?