Maximum Maru



  1. Oh Maru, we love you!

  2. Ack, Maru mews (or whines)!

  3. Jackie Rose says:

    I think that was a warning for Mugumogo to leave his toy alone.

  4. Why is there no cat hair on that very white couch? WHY??

  5. Maru the great hunter of butterflies!

  6. Yay! It’s a Maruthon! Thanks for posting ALL of these videos! Maru is just gorgeous with his giant green eyes against that bright blue sky. Love this cat.

  7. Maru sure twitchy-twitches his tail a lot…

  8. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Maru videos are the best. I fully plan on playing all of these at Thanksgiving dinner to keep everyone happy. Wouldn’t want anyone to get in a tif over who gets the second turkey leg!

  9. I love Maru. I’m so glad he gets outside once in a while and actually gets to see some dirt.

  10. On this day of thanks… I am thankful for Maru. You can just feel how much his hooman loves him.

  11. O.k. I don’t care what your country or culture you’re in , a 1/2 white rug AND a white couch in the same house as a cat ?? Really? SERIOUSLY ? And don’t even think of trying to convince me that cats in other countries don’t hack up the occasional hair ball or chuck up the occasional meal. Someone make me feel better & tell me they’re photo shopped clean. LOL!

  12. Maru wears a harness? Does this mean he walks on a leash? Unbelievable.

  13. MAXIMUM MARU !!!

    He’s “the king of the world” !!!!We’re just along for tha ride. Also, did anyone else notice the similarity of one of the films’ “titles” to “yes, [we] can”???

  14. With CO, and Maru’s blog, the best way to start the day !

  15. HRH QueenCat says:

    Maru is purrrfect; I wonder if he has ANY fawlts, like barfing – an everyday occurrence here 😦

  16. That cat is amazeballs! But that cat is not a zen cat! 🙂

  17. I’ve always assumed it being something like a leash is the reason their house is so amazingly dust free. Attach leach to Maru. Swing him around the floors for a bit and voilà! Dust free room.

  18. I love the fact that I can watch 2 Maru videos on my screen at the same time! 🙂

  19. I love at the end of video #4 when he thumps his mighty tail in triumph.

  20. I love in the second video how he crows at having caught his ‘prey’. He’s so proud of himself. ^_^

  21. I have two observations about Maru:
    First, I love how Maru manages to look dignified even when he is doing something silly (sucking a pacifier, walking around with a sack on his head, etc.)
    Second, how is it that Maru is so portly even though he obviously gets plenty of exercise?

  22. Maru is a total celebrity in my (senior citizen) parent’s house. They can’t tell you who Kim Kardashian is. They’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. A Honey Boo Boo is something that happens when a loved one falls down and skins their knee. But they know and love Maru!

  23. Yayyyy 😀 been missing seeing Maru posts on CO in awhile 😛

  24. SlaveToCat says:

    It’s a Japanese zen perfection thing. I’ve tried…and failed.

  25. SlaveToCat says:

    Could mean he is a leather bear sorta kind of kitty, he’s got the fur for it. o.O

  26. phred's mom says:

    I’m beginning to think they keep this room hermetically
    sealed until they’re ready to tape.

  27. phred's mom says:

    Dirt? What dirt? If the yard is anything like the
    indoors, there is no – repeat – no dirt. Pardon me,
    I feel compelled to tidy up around here.

  28. phred's mom says:

    They sound eminently sane and intelligent to me.

  29. Oh, thank you for these posts!!!! What a lovely way to pass the time between turkey bastings and prep work. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 😀

  30. Who are these people that have not a speck of dust, dirt or cat hair on any surface? Do they live in a museum? You could eat off that floor. I want to go live a zen spotless existence with Mr. Maru.

  31. I too am thankful for Maru today, and his person. They make the world a better place.



  33. He’s not portly! He’s just got big bones! (That’s the story in my house, anyway.)

  34. *cough* (re Maru ONLY)

  35. This also describes la casa de mi madre.

    Even we, her five children, at 50-65 yrs old, presently do not have the temerity to go into Mom’s living room with a beverage, walk on her “special” Korean
    rug (green silk, bamboo sculpted in) and place a beverage, on The Coffee Table.

    *shivers in fear*

    (she MIGHT not become a Dragon, if one of the GRANDchildren made the same move, …but then again the Door to the L.R. is generally CLOSED tight and all the pseudo-messiness occurs in the Dining Room/ Kitchen …ie “one does NOT ‘live’ in the ‘living room’. The ‘living room’s’ purpose is for sitting still and posing for pics..)

  36. YAY for “thump”ing “his mighty tail in triumph”.
    I’m feeling all Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox-ish now.

  37. He’s not actually portly, have you seen the vid of him after a bath? With his fur wet, he’s about half the size so it really IS all fluff.

  38. One of my cats does that with a fuzzy pompon, walks around with it in his mouth, doing a funny meow/crying noise.

  39. i think the home’s cleanliness speaks to the kind of person Maru’s human is:
    she evidently expends the same quality of time and energy caring for her home as she does documenting the hilariousness of her beautiful cat. am i am grateful! 🙂

  40. and!

  41. I am so happy to see these Maru videos 😀 We need more of them 😀 Oh, I so want to visit Maru and his owner just to find out how the home is kept so clean and to give Maru a cuddling 😀

  42. I had a calico and a black & white…and a white living room set. Never had a problem. Oh…except for the husband…men + white….arrrrggghhhhh…

  43. Amen!

  44. Thank You Phred’s Mom ! That really does help !

  45. one annoyed Kitty! His tail tells me he is a cranky, although extremely adorable, puss,

  46. I had no idea Maru could be so CRANKY!

    Now I love him even more.