In a World…

where the mundane is emphasized with dramatic music and slow mo, the meek are transformed into action heroes. This is one such action hero: Epic Neil.

Fave Frame™

Starring Epic Neil, directed by Amanda and Mike, playing exclusively at Cute Overload (theaters can’t handle the cute).



  1. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That was fantastic. I wanna see more of these videos! (cute animals with the super dramatic action scene music) – they should do tiny KITTENS trying to climb up the couch or something.

  2. wow!

    Dramatic myoozik is DRAMATIC!!!

    (and of course Neil is sehr impressive)

  3. I notice a similarity with a certain tea time video:

    Everything looks better in slow motion and with the score from Inception 🙂

  4. baileysgrandmom says:

    I think my personal “fave frame” was at about :56 where, after an agonizingly slow pan down his front legs, suddenly there is this loopy face smiling out at you! I laughed out loud–something I rarely do.

  5. What is that music? What’s the name of that piece? I’ve never been so intrigued watching a bunch of puppies? Let me know!!

  6. Oh, the wonderful wavey, floppy ears in motion! I wanna run like that too…but my earses are too small 😦

  7. That. Is. Awesome. 🙂

  8. AAAHHHH this is my new favorite thing EVER! Epic Neil! He’s my floppy-eared (nomnomnom) hero

  9. Love them earsies, too. I kept thinking “Neil Earstrong, astronut.”

  10. It’s from the Inception trailer. You might have to find it on YouTube because it’s definitely not on the official soundtrack. Hans Zimmer has some pretty amazin scores in general, though.

  11. Damn. I would have enjoyed Inception way more if Neil had been in it!

  12. Best video EVER! Go Neil!

  13. *amazing. :-/

  14. Peter Jackson WISHES he had filmed something that epic!!

  15. I guess Neil’s owners don’t mind if the Internet calls them to tell them their dog is a cutie. 😛

  16. Thanks Diandra!!


  18. Michele D. says:

    Nods head in agreement 🙂

  19. Our beagle was named Neil after Neil Armstrong, because we got him in 1969 right around the time of the first moon landing. We lost him in 1983 but I still miss him and remember him fondly. Best hound dawg ever.

    Epic Neil is epic. I think my fave frame was the tongue coming out and licking his little nosicle—it is Nosevember, after all.

  20. Epic Neil is EPIC!

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    And anything looks better with Alan Rickman in it, speed and music regardless.

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    I was going to say that it’s about time a “Neil” became epic, but then, thinking about who got to walk on the Moon…….

  23. I can see why Neil is epic. His cuteness powers are deadly indeed.

  24. bumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUMbumbumBUMBUM….

    that’s going to be my (floppy slo-mo) ear-worm all day

  25. Flappity flappity flappity flappity

  26. Hands off, he’s mine! 😉

  27. No way, I claimed him years ago.

  28. But the good news is that with the magic of Theresa’s ISEDH, we can all have him. And I am also putting Neil in mine.

  29. Exactly! Now all retreat to your neutral corners with your own Rickmans. 😛

  30. Where is this place where beautiful puppies gather and play to the sounds of the “Inception” soundtrack? I must go there!

  31. I feel like when you’re the one bowling over other puppies, maybe you’re not the action “hero” you think you are?

    However, Neil is so ear-flappingly cute I don’t particularly care. 😛

  32. Theatres would do that cute no justice.

  33. kibblenibble says:

    In Neil’s imagination, he is an action hero. In my mind, he is super Qte.

  34. BRAVO!!

  35. Film 101. Scoring matters.

  36. the video and the pup is great…but i must admit that i laughed until i cried

  37. YES!

  38. But there’s so many good moments- suddenly dragging random garbage on foot, hinder in lab puppy face, tongue gets stuck on nosticle, etc.

  39. YAY for “ear-flappingly cute” !!!

  40. 🙂

  41. this is one of those moments when I’m GLAD that I’ve almost no concept of the identity of Alan Rickman (I’m inferring that it has something to do with motion pix, possibly Inception? Junque. I don’t even know the plot of the film Inception).

    Ah doan’ know nuttin’ ’bout ‘nuttin !!!!
    An’ Ah’m mahty [mighty] heppy ’bout ‘dat!!!

  42. Fav Frame: two of them, closeups where he “squints’ his eyes while figuring out the physics to ensure his trajectory directly into another puppy. Or tries to look like Clint Eastwood. Such a rambunctious pup: I would kneel before him but fear he would run right over me and Arrrggghhhh—ouch—thump.

  43. PLEASE somebody explain to me why on a site saturated with cute young dogs, the most common and enjoyable word for them puts me into the Mod Lounge!!!! I don’t get it and I can’t remember it. So here I am shunned and…what is this? The Mod Lounge is pre-stocked with goodies for Thanksgiving? Including desserts? And I am here all alone with utensils. Oh, I shall hit delete button instead of that big button that says Post Comm

  44. We seem to have determined that the ban on “puppeh” is related to the ban on “m1ll” – as in “puppeh m1lls”, to avoid the controversy apparently…

  45. Csebastian says:

    Neil is a very cute puppy! I too laughed when he did the tongue thing!

  46. lisaLassie says:

    Ahhhhh, thank you. I will try to remember. I hope that I succeed since the young dog word by itself is completely harmless. Even enjoyable. By the way, I liberated quite a few desserts from the mod lounge. Would you like a cherry pie with whipped cream? Here you go. Just don’t tell anyone else, please.

  47. Oh, Firdie! You poor, deprived soul!

    Alan Rickman played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. He also played the sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”. (And the voice of God in Kevin Smith’s “Dogma”.)

  48. that got me too!

  49. loves this!!! people are so darned creative!

  50. Oh the embarrassment of having toilet paper stuck to ya paw. 1:27 and again at 1:37

  51. Is Ah duh-prived (or duh-praved??)
    Ah ain’t nebber watched no kinda H.P. film all t’way t’ru. Ah dun watched lil’ bits & pieces, y’unnerstan’??? But they nebba kept mah int’rest ‘nough.

    I know, now I’ll probably be arrested by a policeman from the Big Bang Theory.
    But Ah thanks ye kindly for the educamation, nonetheless!!!

  52. And Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility.

    (Marianne, I don’t *care* what Jane Austen wrote. When Alan Rickman asks you to marry him, say YES!)

  53. This is just become my new favorite video. I laughed so hard when he bowled into the lab puppy (who held his/her own quite well, considering the leash discrepancy)! Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Neil the Wonder Dog! Coming to a Dog Park near you!

  54. whoops, used the Forbidden Word! 😀

  55. Frame :53- :54: one is reminded of a young Jason Priestly at the opening credits of 90210.

  56. Wow. Amazing video. You´re right. Slow mo and dramatic music really does turn this meak little doggie into Superhero Pup. 🙂

  57. I noticed the clearly visible phone numbers too. I am tempted, but I’ll leave the owners alone. But, it gives me great ideas about how to stalk Neil. 😉

  58. Yes! 51 seconds – what a sweet face!!!!