Not a Snowball’s Chance in Hell…

you can resist the adorable powers of this bun.

Turn up the sound so even your earballs can be mesmerized by bunny crunching.


Just when you thought it was safe to fall asleep, someone with a camera films you. It’s not deadly or anything, just real annoying.

Snowball is gonna sweep the nation, Bonnie G.



  1. “earballs” — That is hilarious, Crazy Pants! Snowball is such a cutie!

  2. The crunching of the carrot greens was mesmerizing!

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    Indeed. There’s something strangely hypnotic about that gently quivering nosicle.

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Man, Snowball can really make those greens disappear!

  5. Obligatory remark: Nobody puts Bunny in a corner!

  6. With that darn paparazzi following them everywhere — while they eat, while they sleep… No wonder buns are so dis-uh-provin.

  7. I am now officially obsessed with bunny leeps and nosicles. They seem to go in every which direction while chewing!

    And that is the cutest door stop ever in the other vid.

  8. That was some ferocious cronching of the greens. My eyeballs and earballs are quite happy after watching that.

  9. Okay, buns? May be the greatest thing ever invented.

  10. Hmmm, I found it so scary that I could feel the hares stand up on my arms.

  11. 260 to lL: “Grasshopper, when you can take the pebble from my hand….”


  12. MORE white floof???? WOT IS THIS??
    WHITE FLOOF DAY??? (*shakes tiny fist*)

    *tries to raise hed*
    *tries to raise hed*
    *plotz* *ka THUD*

  13. The leetle EARSES!

    (my earballs are indeed mesmerized, as well as my eyeballs)

  14. *turns bright red with pride* oh thank you soooo much.

  15. they didn’t make the change on your calendar? mine replaced this Tuesday with Floofday.

  16. *Walks briskly (no running allowed!) to get the HK defibramthingy, and rolls it over to FB. Trips on trailing unravelled duct tape holding defribramodoohicky together. Eventually manages to revive FB, tucks white baby bunny into Firdie’s arms. Inadvertently glances at video in time to see last bit of carrot green disappearing into Snowball’s munching, mincing, mouth.*
    Ooops. Dedded.

  17. This kind of white Floof I can stand. The kind of white floof we are expecting today, I could do without!! 😡

  18. That is some fantastic kronsching!
    I wish I looked that cute when I nom on turkey soon!

  19. *flatlines*


  20. Bonnie, that’s rude to film someone with bad bed ears.

  21. *snerk*

  22. Is it possible to have Snowball fever? Cuz I think I do!

    Love that bun! 🙂

  23. I hear the sound of bunny kronsching every day! There’s nothing like it. But my bun eats from one end to the other, not from the middle like this here fella (girl?)

  24. Aahhh that’s my bun 😀 Thank you Crazy Pants!
    Glad you all are enjoying the floof and the kronsch.

  25. JustAnotherHeather says:

    The first video reminds me of annoying wedding videographers. They always get you right when you are chewing. “Bess-mmmpfhh chew chew chew Wishes (gasp) to Dave and Becca!”

  26. That was an interesting technique! 🙂

  27. Now I have to go find that teacup bunny vid from the other week to compare.

    ::goes to look, is not heard from again for hours::

  28. *worries, justabit…*

  29. prolly affiliated with the Dentists and Orthodontists, who ask you to describe your last vacation to them, while injecting Novocaine into yer mouth 😯

  30. O.O Wow, didn’t think anyone would notice… Then again, I’m stuck holding down the retail fort today and tomorrow, so I guess it still applies.

  31. It looks like she has E.C. (encephalitozoon cuniculi)
    please check her on this. It started the same with my bunny and then she just died suddenly.
    (I’m something like a vet)