‘Bye, Mae

Sad news here, People. Sea Otter Mae of the Monterey Bay Aquarium passed away over the weekend at age 11. According to the MBA Tumbler page, “Mae was rescued as a two-day-old pup near Santa Cruz in April 2001, and raised by our Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program team. She joined the sea otter exhibit in December 2001.”

Photo credits: 1 & 4) Randy Wilder…3) ©Bill Coggin.



  1. Goodbye sweet Mae. 😦

  2. In the second video they’re both sucking their thumbs! (or whole hands) Bye bye Mae, you will be missed!!

  3. that tongue is killing me.

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    RIP, sweet Mae.

  5. Oh! that one with the ice cubes has melted my little dang heart!

  6. Godspeed little Mae.

  7. this broke my heart… she has a good life though and seemed happy. RIP love.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Good lord, that tongue pic. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.

  9. What a lovely tribute, thank you. Rest in Peace Mae.

  10. RIP little wet, tubular sea dog!

  11. Goodbye Mae, you had a good like and brought happiness to many a heart. RIP

  12. MinglesMommy says:

    Looks like she had a very happy life. RIP, lil’ critter.

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    May your days be filled with warm sunshine and gentle breezes, your oceans filled with fun waves and silly friends, and your table pilled high with crabs and scallops.

  14. Bye Mae. Hope to see you again in another time and place.

  15. and comfy buckets..!! 😉

  16. Yes I saw that!

  17. Awww rest in peace sweet Mae 😦

  18. 😥

  19. Blessed Be, Mae. you are much loved.

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    God speed across the rainbow bridge, Mae, to a huge ocean, with all the fish’n’things you can eat and lots of fun otters to play with. *sneef*

  21. And here I was hoping that if I filled a plastic bucket with water, I would grow a sea otter too (kind of like sea monkeys?). Thank you, sweet Mae, for taking care of the others and giving us your raspberries.

  22. All right who’s cutting the onions ? (sniff)

  23. What an angel…such a mommas heart.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Hugs and condolences to the peeps at the Aquarium who took care of Mae for her long and happy life.

  25. I don’t know, but this bus I’m on sure is dusty. It keeps getting in my eyes….

  26. Godspeed, Mae. I hope your version of heaven has heaps of delicious seafood and lots of playmates.

  27. The Original Jane says:

    Gaah! Yes, I was going to post that too! Sooo cute.

  28. +1. wish I could’ve been one of them.

  29. Oh Mae….We’ll miss you sweet angel.

  30. 😥 I second that, Marie 😥

  31. Maybe her spirit outgrew her body. I hope she’s frolicking in the great starry ocean, sticking her tongue out.

  32. Has anyone called MAH BUKKIT yet?

  33. We will never forget you little one! Have fun playing with all your angel friends!