A Place to Weather Any Storm

When you’re having a bad day and nobody understands or if the winds and rain just won’t quit, get under the covers and snug up where it’s warm and safe. It’s even better when someone you love is under there with you.

Just remember, nobody likes a Dutch oven.

Sender inner Amy writes that this photo was “taken during Hurricane
 Sandy when there was no heat or electric. My little long coat chihuahua 
Lola and I stayed warm by hiding under the covers. Lola was very brave during the storm.”



  1. YAY for LOLA the Brave Hua Hua (and for Amy too!!!) and for surviving the Big Bad Storm.

    + this is a great photo for “Nose”vember!!!

  2. Needs a thunder shirt?

  3. Mommy (& a comforter) is always the best thunder shirt !

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Little Lola is not only brave but very adorabuhls!

  5. Thanks for sharing with us. Glad to know your doing good, Hugs to you and please give Lola a kiss from me. 🙂

  6. I was wondering where this post had got to.

    It appread for a few minutes a few days ago then disapeard as if it had….gone with the wind. 😉

  7. Lola has the right idea! I love curling up under a blanket during a really bad storm, and in Florida, I’ve been through a few!

  8. 😀
    I needed a thunder shirt during that storm…..

    Lola is sooo beautiful! what an adorable leetle face.

  9. Looks so cozy I want to crawl through my computer screen and join her! Love that little Lola and Amy too!

  10. At this moment there is a very loud thunderstorm happening outside and my dog Lucky is totally freaked out. Running all over the house looking for a place to hide (he was even considering jumping in the bathtub at one point!). Right now he is under my desk hiding out. I put a blanket down there for him and he seems to have settled down a bit. At least until the next thunderclap anyway, then he’s back to being restless and wandering around shaking like a cell-phone on vibrate for while. Sigh. Poor guy. 😦

  11. My dog does that every thunderstorm only he stays by my mother the whole time, won’t leave her side for anything.

  12. Lola is a very brave little girl and I’m very glad that you both had each other. Always helps to not be alone.

  13. ‘huas are good for keeping warm. I could have used one after Sandy blew through 😉

  14. The angle’s not quite the stanard but the expression is pure Princess Di eyes.