The Theory of Cuteativity

Are geniuses are made, or born? Analysis of Einstein’s brain suggests a physical difference, while others say genius is simply information and insight brought to a boil within a stimulated mind. Either way, having a good role model can help.



  1. *giggle* and also *snerk*

    + I was pretty sure it would be a Mike produckshon!!!!

    also: YAY kitty floof and A.E. floof !!!

  2. Cute-tabby-tivity?

  3. hmmmm…. which reminds me of two things;

    the following:

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    The kitteh even has matchingk whiskairs and eyebrows and stuff!

  5. E=mc2 :-D ;-) ;)

  6. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I have just recently learned that the equation really should be E2=(mc2)2. How about that?

  7. Oops?

  8. K=mc2
    K(kitten) = Massive fluff times the speed of Cute (C) squared.

  9. FTW

  10. Matchink absolutely!!!

  11. Tripled!

  12. I second the motion!

  13. Brilliant!

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    Einstein reincatnated?

  15. Either that or the cat just has Einstein like qualities. Of course, my mother had a dog that you could swear was a reincarnation of Houdini. :-*

  16. *chanting a la Jerry Springer and Stephen Colbert audiences* NOM-TOM! NOM-TOM! NOM-TOM!

  17. Hoping to crack the Theory of Fuzzitivity?

  18. The idea that Einstein’s role model was a cat makes perfect sense to me.

  19. also wins!!! (same idea as below commenter)

  20. SlaveToCat says:

    How cute Dr Tigger Fuzymaru has a picture of his star pupil on his desk.

  21. A picture that, oddly enough, is not reflected on the desk! (hmmmm)

  22. WINS

  23. Meowsers The Mewkitty says:

    As both a science lover and a kitty lover, I can respectively say with authority…

  24. I am also a science lover and a kitty lover, Meowsers The Mewkitty (cute name) :D I also want to add that I so want to cuddle and snorgle that sweet little kitty :D

  25. … and NOW I see the hover text! *shakes tiny fist*

  26. *stamps tiny feet in solidarity, w/o even knowing the subject matter.
    Just on principle alone*

  27. warrior rabbit says:

    Isn’t this the copied cat from the other day? Or am I trippin’?

  28. Genius!

  29. In re hovertext: Given that my (real) initials are E McC, and I’ve always initialed work stuff as Emc^2, I don’t care that it’s ‘shopped. It is now my wallpaper…


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