Mothers Are the Same Everywhere

Full of spit-baths and advice: Hold your head up, smile, don’t slouch, and never wear white shorts over your polka-dot underwear.

Fave Frame:

Johanna S. spotted this video for us! And look out for the matching kitty at 1:05!



  1. OMG I have spots before my eyes.

  2. THIS is really and truly the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

  3. Also took two viewings to find the spotted kitty a spotted menagerie!

  4. haha – took me three!

    I love this!

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love animals caring for other animals. Anyone remember that greyhound that adopted a fox, a deer, and an owl?

  6. Please oh please please please gimme the spotted dog and lamb. And the spotted kitty. And the other spotted dog. But most of all the mommy and baby dalmeeps. I’ve been soooooo good, really I have.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    I saw it the first time! 🙂

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    I wonder if Mama is trying to wash that funny “sheep” smell off her baby. Maybe that’s what all the spit baths are for!

  9. “I lurvz mah bebbeh, even if he do look funny . . . and sometymz he just smells SO delishus . . .”

  10. That sounds quite possible. Nice catch there!

  11. “Have you seen a doctor?”

    “No, just spots.”

  12. Hey, Australia, trade ya our John Bolton ( for yours! Please? Pretty please??

  13. So he was… HARD TO SPOT?

    *runs away cackling*

  14. Mom dogs are the best.

  15. WIN! 😀

  16. I wish I had had a dog for a mother. I also wish I were a lamb.

  17. That baby bleating at the end darn near took me out.

  18. me three.



  19. well-done, lL 🙂 VERY nice technique you have there!!

  20. DID take me out.

    and NOT to the ballgame.

  21. hahahahahahaha

  22. 1: WHY ARE NOT BEBBEH LAMBIES IN CHARGE of all nations’ gub’ments?????
    I would blindly do ENNEhthing a lambie aksed me to do. AND be grateful for the opportunity suh.

    2: NOW as to the earworm of which I”m not sure whether pyrit intended to invoke or did not so intend. How-some-ever: in re moms all the same?

    You’re welcome!

    *goes bouncing and sproinging down the sidewalk*

  23. I’m sure the lamb has no idea that Mom’s not of the same species. I mean, they look so much alike.

  24. I NEEED that lamb!

  25. DaytimeDeb says:

    On today’s episode of “All My Lamchops,” Mama Dalmation is finally brought face to face with her new adopted baby. She knows they’re not the same species but she loves baby lambchop upon sight. She’s wanted a baby to looooove for so long, but Daddy Dalmation was never, uh, up to the task. He *said* he had been neutered at an early age. What she doesn’t know is that Daddy has been guarding the flock of sheep a little to closely, expecially one particular she-devil-sheep named Dolly. She never told him about the love chop they conceived. In fact, neither Mama nor Daddy know he is actually the biological father of little lampchop! (Cue music: Duh Duh DUHHHH!) Dolly knew she couldn’t give lambchop what he needs, so she left him at the nearest firehouse, where she saw what she thought were other little lambs, but they were really Mama and Daddy Dalmation. On tomorrow’s episide, will Mama put two and two together, and realize lambchop’s birthday coincides with the “fishing trip with the guys” that Daddy took 145 days ago? Will Dolly come forward and try to reclaim little lambchop? Tune in tomorrow for another episode!

  26. O.O

  27. *standing ovation*

  28. I second all of the above. Also, I would like to nominate the delightful gent for Men of CO Calendar!

  29. joools in PDX says:

    Ditto. Kids say the darndest things. Yes I know he’s a lamb.

  30. And the Award for best script goes to DaytimeDeb!

  31. DaytimeDeb says:

    Will DaytimeDeb ever learn to re-read her copy before she hits reply? Sorry for the typos…

  32. For heaven’s sake, we can squeeze a Rescute to this.

  33. BTW, somebody needs to buy the rights to this before Disney steps in.

    101+ 1 Dalm’s and Lamb’s.

  34. Yes, Your Sproinginess. The juicy clovers? At once, Your Sproinginess.

  35. *pats DD consolingly on a shoulder and fixes her some chamomile tea*

  36. *pats DD consolingly on the shoulder. Fixes her some chamomile tea*

  37. Agreed! We need LIKES on here, or upvotes or maybe I just need to spend less time on Facebook and Reddit.

  38. Total freakin out freakin loud hilarity, Daytime Deb. On top of redonk cute-aholism, I been took out, too.

  39. Also, Daytime Deb- “love chop” and “fishing trip w/ the guys” (ahem) put me ovah!

  40. Alice Shortcake says:

    Dammit, I was hoping to be the only person to notice Bonus Cat!

  41. Now that you mention it, I had to watch it again! At 1:06, yes, KITTEH! 😀

  42. Hmmm. It certainly looks like one of the sheep had a *shag* with one of the Dalmatians. 😉

  43. Andi in NC says:

    me too!!!

  44. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Me too! And the sweetest part was ALL of their waggling tails. Lambie & dogs all loved each other.

  45. Tee-hee, I just listened to the last-second “baaaahs” three times (or so, lost count) and I think I can’t stop smiling or giggling. Tehehehee! *sproings away after Fird Birfle)

  46. Austin Powers on this topic?? “Oh, beHAVE!!!” 🙂