Best! Day! EVER!

Little did puppy know, they were on the way to the vet.

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  1. That face, that face…that cover girl face…

  2. There is nothing – nothing – quite as joyful as a puppeh.

  3. This is tragic, in the true Aristotelian sense.

  4. BEEEP!

  5. Kari Callin says:


  6. Pupperson has beeg paws…what kind of dog is eet?


  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    “What’s that flapping sound??”

  8. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    The hovertext made me snarfle.

  9. The Original Jane says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy. 🙂

  10. check out the url that pops up when you hover over the ‘via’ link.
    chortling definitely ensued.

  11. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oooooohhhhhhhh cuuuuuuuteeeee……… awwwww ooooops. Poor baby, loss of innocence ahead (among other certain bits).

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    “Guess what? My owner says he’s taking me to the vet to get tutored!” (classic Far Side cartoon) ..

  13. The Original Jane says:

    Maybe it’s just puppy shots?

  14. The Original Jane says:

    Okay, it’s raining cats and dogs outside (actually TONS of little birds are in our yard despite the rain), I’m sick and if you’re going to put me in the mod lounge I want a hot toddie. Tea and either cognac or single malt whiskey please.

  15. The Original Jane says:

    Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are the only two cartoons the world really needs. 🙂

  16. Well, since Peanuts stopped being done daily.

  17. *rummages behind the bar*

  18. And Mary Worth is so preachy.

  19. Bet he comes back wearing the cone of shame.

  20. The Original Jane says:

    Is the bar disorganized or are is someone behind on our liquor order? Tapping slipper in impatience.

  21. The Original Jane says:

    Who added another word to my comment? [are/is]

  22. The Original Jane says:

    Why can’t I say “puppy shots” without ending up in the mod lounge? Oh, is that what is being served in the lounge today? Puppy shots instead of jello shots?

  23. The Original Jane says:

    PUPPY SHOTS puts you in the mod lounge! PUPPY SHOTS! PUPPY SHOTS! PUPPY SHOTS! HA!

  24. It’s all fun and good air conditioning until you hear the world “vet”.

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    Another great photo from CuteOverload!

  26. (I rather enjoyed the visual here of victoreia specifically “rummaging”
    around behind the bar ….*snerk*)

  27. Hahahhaa…oohhhhhh poor puppeh. CP- I literally LOL’ed when I read your caption. What an adorable pup…and such nommable paws…and boopable nose.

  28. Ha, nothing even comes close!

  29. Those two (Calvin and Hobbes/ Far Side) are still by far some of my favorites.

  30. *still rummaging*

  31. Looks like a golden retriever pup to me.

    Also, I’ve always wondered if car rides are like EXTREME SMELLING for dogs. They love being outside and sniffing around for interesting smells. Maybe all that wind going past their noses is a smell kaleidoscope.

  32. Don’t forgot Bloom County. That one is right up there with Calvin and Hobbes to me.

  33. Amen! I still have all the Bloom County books and my stuffed Opus:)

  34. *rummaging with victoria*

  35. what about Footrot Flats?