Now, Back to Creationism for Dummies

Welcome back, junior deities! We got some complaints saying that last week’s show, in which we made a duck-billed platypus, was too advanced, so this week we’ll keep things simple by making this lovely dachshund.

Before baking, your dachshund may look a little flat and have kind of a wild-eyed look. But don’t worry; he’ll soon plump up and take on that sad expression the breed is known for, like the example on the right.

Now, that’s an intelligent design, Nicole H.



  1. This reminds me of the old Far Side cartoons featuring God. 😆

  2. hahaha…. the look on the pupper’s face is priceless… you just know he/she KNOWS he/she’s not supposed to be up on the table.

    Also, Eyebrow Dots!!

  3. The eyes on that cake are kind of creepy.

  4. Cake doggie has eyebrow dots!

  5. Reminds me of the “fatted calf” cake that my sister made! Seriously, she made a cake that looked like a dead cow! NTMTOM, you NUT!

  6. Which, in turn, reminds ME of the telephone conversation btw G-d and
    Ellen deG. Have you enjoyed that gem, Th ?

  7. Really priceless hover text 😆

  8. I meant on the second photo.

  9. I will take one of each! Plenty of noms either way! 🙂

  10. Shouldn’t it have been a “cake” made of hot dogs or sausages instead?

  11. God makes snakes…

  12. Bummer of a birthmark Hal…

  13. Anthony Barker says:

    She is SOOO sad that she has to sit that close to a cake and NOT get to eat it… Until you turn your back…

  14. You are right! 😀

  15. I propose that if we’re not going to have an Eyebrow Dot Rule, can we at least consider an Eyebrow Dot Tag??

  16. I second this! Getting out the posters and crayons again…

  17. BTW, you know that there’s something redundant about that book title, right?

  18. Someone really loves their doxie. 🙂 And man is she cute!

  19. Have you guys seen the book “Cake Wrecks”? I am NOT saying this cake is one, this cake is very nice. But if you can get your hands on the book, it is laugh-until-you-cry funny.

  20. *snicker*

  21. I can think of any number of reasons why the dog looks more than anything in the world like he does NOT want to be there…

  22. agreed.