Whip It! Whip It Good!

No one knows Nosevember like an elephant, and this one has sniffed out the coolest toy ever — a jump rope. Ca-rack that whip!



  1. Ok, who is this person who gets to babysit a baby elephant romping in the waves? Extreme jealousy! Sure beats my boring accounting job…

  2. I think I’ll go and pack my trunk, now, for my trip home.

    *shifty eyes*

    (howZAT, victoreia?? RU impressed with my malfeasance???)

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    Self-flagellating elephant. Flagellephant?

  4. Where is this glorious, pristine beach where behbeh trunksters frollick in the waves??!??? I must vacation there!!!!!!

  5. warrior rabbit says:

    YouTube says Phuket, Thailand.

  6. 1:20 when bebbeh heffalump sits down on his butt… holy guacamole!

  7. An elephant living in Phuket
    Had nothing to do or to look at
    ‘Til a big piece of rope
    Gave her reason to hope
    Did she like it? She did! So she took it.

  8. Catwhisperer says:

    *standing ovation* Very impressive, HP. Give me a nice limerick over a haiku any day!

  9. Catwhisperer says:

    Fird, you’re giving 260Oakley a run for her (or his? sorry if I guessed wrong) money! Well done!!

  10. We need this for the next Olympics. More fun than rhythmic gymnastics.

  11. WIN!!

  12. I love the ‘What a kid’ comment by the picture taker…..

  13. YEAH!!! *cough* *splutter* Doesn’t anyone dust these pom-poms??

  14. I love ephalumps! They were my Mum’s very favourite animal. Whenever I see one (espesh one as happy as this little gal) it brings back many happy elephant moments (zoo trips and every kind of elephant present given over the years). This one’s for you Mum! ‘Though I know there are elephants galore in Heaven…with wings even!!

  15. WOW now THAT’s a supreme compliment, cw !! thx

    *takes a bow*

  16. We totally get how THAT feels, ceejoe!
    Would it be of any consolation to you, if I mention the phrase “job security” in re. acctg ??


  18. **AAAAAAnd Emmm WINS TOO?”*

    *gives Bronx cheer*

    (but that’s only in phun. I really liked your phunny!!!)

  19. “does this beach make my butt look beeg???”

  20. Athena's Mom says:

    Emmm- My mom and I love ettephunts too. She even cried when she watched the Raising the Mammoth special and they speculated how the baby mammoth got stuck in the mud (they did a CGI reenactment, and my mother cried). If there AREN’T elephants (or animals in general) in heaven, I’m not going.

  21. Of course there are animals in heaven! If it’s a “perfect” place, there would have to be!

  22. Give that pachyderm some nonchucks! The phonetic spelling is to try to stay out of Modlounge; and so is this:
    Piyay Yaysoo Dominay, Donna Ayeez Requiem [thunk]

  23. Full of win!

  24. Why are there never any elephants at my beach? It is so unfair.

  25. @Emmm Blame Firdie for the dusty pom poms. She’s the one who is always using it. Nice limerick there HP 🙂

  26. You have a beach?? 😛

  27. Because we don’t live somewhere in Asia or Africa. . *HMPFH* I visited Zambia a few years back, and the ultimate highlight of my trip was petting semi-wild elephants. The dad’s trunk was a lil too close to my leg for my comfort…but the bebeh! ohhh the bebeh with his tiny snorfer that I got to pet…gaaahhhhh….still makes me smile 🙂

  28. Theresa, I don’t actually OWN a beach, but there is a beach at the end of my street. Without elephants.

  29. That’s exactly how *I* play jump rope! YAYYYYYYY…let’s play together heffalump 🙂

  30. Gah! I am so jealous, Emmylee! That is SO cool. Course, I got to help feed the penguins at my zoo once – got to go right in the enclosure with them – that’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do… 🙂

  31. I once cuddled a baby skunk. I think that’s my coolest animal experience.

  32. tsk tsk! Ya need to work on your sneakiness…..Oh, look! A leprechaun!

  33. The Original Jane says:

    You said this would get the sand out of my bum. Right.

  34. baileysgrandmom says:

    I got bitten by a Lippizaner, onct. Does that count?

  35. Ooh, yes, that definitely counts.

  36. A moose once bit my sister…

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    *raucous cheering and commotion here in honor of HP’s limerick!* Well done!

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s what I’ve always thought, if there aren’t animals, it’s not heaven (by definition!)

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    I got to be in the back of the zoo thing with a tiger, with (of course!) bars between us but I was close enough that I could have probably touched his fur although was sternly warned not to. Ditto, polar bear, another time. *sigh* Pretty amazing to be that close even with bars between. (Probably better than no bars, iykwim.)

  40. Thanks for the honourable mention, Fird Birfle.

  41. I got to hold a babeh lion once. Handed him back 1 second before he had an epic piddle!

  42. omg LOVE!! bebeh trunkster AND playing in a beautiful ocean!!!!

  43. Fird Birfle says:


    I think AuntieBellum just *might* be lifting that ‘ticklar “esspeeeriyence” ….
    but it made me laff!!!

  44. Fird Birfle says:


  45. Fird Birfle says:

    *snerk* @ sk’mom & la Therese.

    HEY Sk’mom — give!! Wassup wit da Skipmeister???

    Did the Wizard give him a New Heart???

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    I thought I nailed that one !!!

  47. Ima Monkey says:

    Wascally wabbit – I was thinking the same thing!

  48. Came for Whippets, leaving disappointed.

  49. And cuter, too!

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    I was gonna say that that’s why I don’t like the beach–no oliphants!

  51. So did I! Unfortunately, I don’t remember the incident since I was about the same age as the lion (developmentally speaking) at the time. There is photographic evidence, though.

  52. Who’d a thunk it! A bebe heffalump exploring the laws of physics. You know he’s lucky he didn’t hurt hisself. I remember doing something similar with a skipping rope at this age and nearly puttin’ out my eye! Ouch.

  53. 🙂

  54. YAY

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    so all of our mothers *were* right,
    after all, about putting our eyes out “with that thing”???

  56. Yup, as we get older it becomes increasingly clear our mothers were right about just near everything…then, it’s the next generation’s turn to think WE’re the dummies! That’s naychah for ya!

  57. Dang, this baby heffalump has better vacations than I do. I only get sunburns on the beach, even with the SPF on.

  58. Yay!!! I love limericks! Only the only ones I know are definitely nsfw. hehe

  59. I got to pet a wild horse (a stallion even!), in the wild.. more or less. I live in Nevada and up in the hills in the middle of nowhere at the time. We had horses, so wild ones would come up to the house and say hi to our horses all the time. Well one day, I saw a black one standing out by the corral thry to get his head in between the wires to get a drink from the water trough.

    So I took a bucket of water out for him. He ran off a ways, but came back when I went in the house and he drank. He hung around for days and each day I would stay closer after putting the bucket down. On the last day I saw him, I held the bucket and he wasn’t sure at first, but as I talked soothingly to him, he came over and drank out of the bucket and I reached up and touched his forehead. He jumped back, I froze and when I didn’t move again, he came back and finished the water. 😀 It was the most incredible experience of my life.

    And you could tell he had never been tame, He was scarred from fighting, his hooves were horrible looking and his mane and tail were long and tangled, but to me he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! He looked like an older stallion, so I suspect his herd had been taken over by a young stud and he was lonely. I guess he finally found a new group to hang out with and that’s why he left finally. 🙂 And sorry I wrote a book! lol

  60. “I can’t believe I just lost to a donkey!” *whips self with rope* “I can’t believe that I believed those unskewed polls!” *whip* “How could we have let Obama win with the economy in its current state?” *whip* “Karl Rove played us all for suckers, and we fell for it!” *whip*

  61. rattyclare says:

    A llama dribbled copiously on mah head when I was 6…

  62. We are never more than three comments away from Monty Python. I’m so proud.

  63. Unskewed polls do not exist. 😉

  64. Awwwww, da bebeh ellypants found a fun new toy! I think I used to use jump ropes that way — it’s very useful when you aren’t very coordinated.

  65. I also love his ecstatic little smile when he finds something buried in the sand.

  66. Martha in Washington says:

    It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Then it’s a whole new game! 😯

  67. What a thrilling story! Thank you.

  68. Phucket. If that doesn’t sound like a one-way ticket to the Mod Lounge, I don’t know what does. Hee Hee.

  69. Just like the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon

  70. Put me down for a seagull bite on Galveston Island, about 20 years ago. Man, those beaks are sharp!

  71. Given how much tougher their hides are than ours it probably felt good to the little one. How hard horses like you to scratch would draw blood off another person for instance. And also why you never let a big cat lick you… That tongue will strip the hairs off your arm, AND draw blood.

  72. Graaah you beat me too it! 🙂 Also, I wonder if it thinks the rope is a snake and that’s what they do to snakes.

  73. That is an awesome story.

  74. Julia, the whole scheme of this limerick is based on an extremely filthy limerick I learned at a young, impressionable age. I just replaced “young maid” with “elephant,” “Nantucket” with “Phuket,” and “like a spear” with “hope.”

  75. I think he is my cat’s soulmate:

  76. Smallthunder says:

    What? I can’t believe no one has said this yet:
    “Just whip it! Whip it good!” (Devo ear worm ensues)

  77. Smallthunder says:

    Oh, my … I hadn’t notice the, um, title/headline above the post.
    In my defense, let me say that I was so eager to watch the video that I missed it.
    I once visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, where my sister helpfully volunteered … me … to be carried around by an elephant in its trunk (trunk curled up, if you can picture it, with small American woman sitting as if on a swing that happens to be alive and attached to an enormous elephant).
    A score of us got to play tug-of-war with another elephant — guess who lost the match (in like two seconds flat).

  78. I almost cried this is so cute. And these comments are great, what a nice bunch of people, the kind who appreciate the cute.