Friday Haiku: Turtles, Start Your Engines!

Nestled in the sand

Dig out and race for our lives

To the sea, our home

Go, turtles, go, via Redditor Colsey C.



  1. Let’s not make assumptions.

    – Perhaps they’re getting in the Black Friday line at Victoria’s Secrets or Home Depot.
    – Maybe they’re heading off to Starbucks for a tandem latte.
    – Maybe they have a groupon coupon at the car wash (Hot turtle waxing!!) or mani pedi’s
    – Or they’re getting an early start on Happy Hour.

  2. kar, I rather like the V’s Secret idea !!!!also: “turtle wax” ??? = WIN

    Just as long as this is NOT Normandy Beach.

  3. Vroooooom, vrooooooom!!!!
    Rev your motors lil bebbeh turtles……!!!.;
    Can you smell the salty sea water? Or see the foamy waves rushing toward you?
    Haow bout the seagulls wheeling around, looking for a handout? And Mr. Sun rising on the far horizon?
    Wait, Wut?? You say you are encountering these things right naow?
    WELL, THEN!!! RUN (or lumber along as fast as you can to the water’s edge!!)
    You are rlly ready to commence Marine Life…….. 😆 😆

  4. What a sweet poem, Pyrit. I totally love it!

  5. Och, the wee turtles!! They are freeeee….

  6. bob drummond says:


  7. Aw, thank you. ’cause I was getting ready to pout. ;-D