Encore! Top Twenty Nosevember Schnozzles 2.0

Presenting Version 2.0 of Terrific Nosevember Honkers submitted by You, our Peeps. Keep those nose-tacular submishes coming! WE WANNA SEE SOME SCHNOZZ-NOZZLE ACTION HERE.

Want to see your ani-pal in a Nosevember post? Send us a photo to use here! Just two weeks to go ’til the end of Nosevember! The bigger the image, the better! No thumbnailz allowed—we want maximum schnozzle action!

No more disclaimers n’ disclosures—let’s rock!

1. “Greyhounds RULE Nosevember!”

Quote and pup Blink by Karen A.

2. Get the Fünk OUTTA here

Tobias Fünk kitty from Katie B.!

3. Dill The Kitteh featuring Super Extreme Close-Up!

By Meg M.

4. Cav Borderline Baroo

Cavalier Prosh Fix supplied by Celine C.


Tori B: “Brynna likes to put her nose into everything!” Really?

6. Cosmo: Got Nosicles?

From Hana L submitted succinctly: “Cosmo the Borzoi for Nosevember Schnozzles!”

7. Finchy Finchersons

Finch’s hoomin is Billie J., who thinks The Finchster “is pretty darn cute!” Copy that.

8. Sir Nigel Tiberius Whiskerfield

Jane N. wins the award for best kitteh name evah. P.S., she adds “I am obsessed with Cute Overload. Obsessed.” No prob.

9. Max Close-Up Allowed By Law In All 50 States

The Magical Kitteh Merlin, sent een by Robert S.

10. Our Lil’ Buddy

“Please consider my sub-mee-shons of my dog Buddy, who I lost last month to kidney failure. He was a sweet boy who lived a year after his diagnosis.” Sorry to hear of your loss, Yumiko T.

11. Got Teef?

Kelly L fills us in: “This is one of my very favorite pictures of our calves from Primrose Farm in Saint Charles, IL. I think it is pretty HURRDURRTASTIC.”

12. “My Dude Winston”

Winston was zapped our way by Nicholas E.!

13. Let The Sunshine In

I.J sez: “Here’s my little ratbag Sunshine! She’s a Dumbo Rex and her hobbies include climbing Mount Wardrobe, eating candle wax and flirting outrageously with the boy rats in the cage next door.” WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD.

14. Eli The Collie On Alert!

Melanie C: “I love how the sky can be seen through his nostril. LOL”

15. Izzy From The Windy City

Maggie S. tells us “Izzy gets shy with her regular greyhound nose (and it gets chilly here in Chicago), so sometimes she lays like this with her paw over her face to keep warm.” Maggie, can’t you buy one of those new Schnozzle Warmers?

16. Outrageous Prosh Bambi Snoot Right Heyeh

JoAnna Y. sent this super-prosh critter in.

17. !FIRST! Wild Burro

A unique submishe from alert reader Tom H.

18. You Nose A Fly’s Gonna Zip Een There!

“This is Fly By Night,” sez The Delightful Miss Fee. Wheeeee.

19. Beaks Still Count, People!

Siobhan S reports: “Okay. Here is our macaw, Harley, playing under a quilt. Daddy Bird (AKA my hubby, Aaron) lifted the covers for a peek and a pic.”

20. The Intellectual Look

Janne tells us: “I’ve submitted photos of my Spanish Greyhoundess Alba before, because I think she’s mighty cute, but now that Nosevember is here, I feel obliged to try again!” Snorf.



  1. Not to be a nuffer or anything, but if you guys actually posted people’s submissions instead of linking to stuff that’s already “viral” on BuzzFeed (or whatever) and self-promoting businesses (e.g. Boo the Pomeranian), this site would be more enjoyable. And not just for people who do submit adorable pictures and get ignored, like Janne.

  2. Oh dear, tracylee may need to be medicated with all this greyhound schnozzle action. CO, I do believe you’ve outdone yourselves this time. Numbers 5, 7, 11, 13, 18… oh heck, I might just as well list them all. They are FABulous!! And a special shout out to Lil’ Buddy (#10). ♥♥♥♥

  3. My fave are # 5 because you can see the individual pores on the nose, like a pretty doggeh mosaic.
    And #13 because she doesn’t even look real, she looks like one of those fuzzy toy mouse my cats love to play with! 😆

  4. What a great birthday surprise for me! #11 is miiine. 😀

  5. Alba looks like Anderson Cooper. I approve! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday, Kelly L! And yes, your calf (what we can see of eet 🙂 ) is adorable!

  7. Happy Birthday Kelly! …and thanks for the party favour!

  8. is Alba a galgo? she’s looovely! (gonna hafta start calling Sra. Schnozz a greyhoundess)

    AND, folks,
    eets true, sighthoundies have the best schnozzolas. Ha cha cha cha!

  9. *hugs* to Yumiko. I am sorry Buddy is gone. 😦

  10. Best Nosevember EVAR.

  11. yep 🙂 I’ll need a heavy dose of defibramijigging if I’m not too careful.

    Third Shift, too, do you SEE all these delightful hound snoots?!

  12. Sir Nigel Tiberius Whiskerfield – I seeee your keeetteh leeeeps! Mwah!

  13. And he’s got nose freckles!

  14. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and two marmie kittehs) says:

    8, 13 and 17! ❤

  15. ThirdShift says:

    I DO, and I lurve eet! Borzoi schnozzles! Sight-hounds have the best noisicles. I have to tap 18 as an honorary sight-hound, because of the profound and unconditional derpiness. Falling-out tongue-itude, pink schnozzle, and freckled leeps. Trifecta! And look how white and young his teef are. Someone needs to put a finger of peanut butter in his mouf and film the reaction.

  16. #8 Sir Nigel. Perfect pink nosellette… with freckles! But beware: while awwing over the freckles, the eyes mesmerize you. We. are. one. …so hand him over right now!!!!

  17. I am biased…I do think greyhounds have the bestest schnozzles EVAR! See…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syQG7zEvlT0&feature=plcp

  18. I love the borzoi, Cosmo!

  19. Wow. I can’t imagine what you’d post if you WERE nuffing. In fact, would you feel better if we used your adorable comment as an example of nuffing?

  20. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, Sharpy, it’s a common complaint here. I know several people (including me, and obviously Viv) who gave up sending stuff in, because they were never posted. We all figured there was just an… overload of submissions. But then the frustration and resignation was just compounded when the featured pictures were repeatedly ripped from Buzzfeed and Dog Shaming, and quite a few of us commented on that fact in the threads. Maybe if we had some guidelines for submissions, or something, because right now a lot of people feel like there’s just no point. And I don’t know if there’s a way to say that w/o sounding like a nuffer, but now that there’s a call for viewer submissions, it sort of… reopens the wound.

  21. warrior rabbit says:

    Me, too! But then I also love Finch, and Max, and the hurrdurrtastic calf, and Winston, and… well, you get the picture.

  22. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I submitted my rabbit, who has a somewhat petite nose but I hoped I would get a pass since his Disapproval/Nostril quotient is off the charts.

  23. It’s your site and you’re obviously entitled to editorialize however you want. I was simply expressing my opinion that it’s nice to finally see people’s real submission again instead of re-posting stuff that’s already popular on other sites and repeats of editorial favorites (e.g. Boo). Take this as you will, or don’t.

  24. So sorry to hear about Buddy. What a sweet face to go with a sweet boy.

  25. How’s Mr. W. and his handsome self?

  26. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that adorable mouse!

  27. Karen Altes says:

    That’s my boy Blink Dog at #1 with the snoot and the bonus tongue action. Hooray, what a day!

  28. W. is still his derpy self, tracylee. He shows no sign of being sick other than lump that keeps growing.

  29. AWW 😀 I so LOVE the kitty noses 😀

  30. #8-his little freckled schnoozle has stolen my heart!

  31. Okay, I see what you’re saying. Honestly, I never saw discussion about the matter.

    I can tell you that Meg has extremely strict guidelines for the images she passes on to writers. I’ve known the sting of neglect myself. It’s hard to figure out what she likes, unless of course you look at the thousands and thousands of images she’s used from the beginning. Some of those images (and the phenom of cute animals online) began with Meg and we never imagined we’d have to be on the tail end of that popularity train! I’m surprised, too, but sometimes we just have to enjoy the fact that this is Meg’s blog, after all.

    That doesn’t mean she’s a tyrant! She’ll be very open-minded about hearing this critique, and I’m glad you brought it to my attention.

    I might also point out that the most difficult task of all is determining that someone’s pet or picture simply doesn’t cut the mustard, so keep that in mind.

    Hunky guy? Check. Cute dog? Check. Deserves to be on the CO? Newp. [Forgive me for using a site that jumped the shark so long ago the shark jumped itself!]

    Also, there isn’t a system for responding to all submitterators, so the feeling of throwing your pearls into a bottomless well is disconcerting, I admit.

    Does that help?

  32. Thank you! He was the sweetest boy and my love. ❤

  33. Thank you for the shout out! Buddy was so sweet! And greatly missed!

  34. Thank you so much! He was a good boy!

  35. I”m not a rat person but SunShine is adorable. Really want to bop her nose and buy a felt version,.

  36. I’m sure Meg has her own preferences. That’s totally understandable that all (or even most) reader submissions aren’t going to meet her standards. And I certainly am not expecting / offended if there’s no response to a submission. You must receive hundreds if not thousands so of course it’s not feasible to respond to every one.

    When there’s quite a lot of posts that’s just re-blogged material from other sites, or just plain business sites that have been highlighted previously, you’re asking us to believe that NO reader submissions were deemed acceptable so that’s why posts were from viral sites. Color me skeptical. If I wanted to see the viral stuff on Buzzfeed or whatever, I’d be visiting those sites instead of coming here. But as I’ve said before, it’s your site, your rules and I was just expressing an opinion that you’re free to do with as you wish.

  37. Not quite the first wild burro photo…ours were not CO-worthy.

  38. YAY! My Brynna finally made it to Cute Overload… Now we are going places.

    Let’s hear it for the Greyhounds of Nosevember, Arrrrooooooo! “snort”

  39. JUST what I needed to see after my sinus surgery! Cute noses to take my mind off my own achin’ schnozzola. Thank you CO, for the Rx of laughter. I do indeed feel better 🙂

  40. That raises another good point: our favorite traffic is the kind that pays the staff!

  41. AAAAHHH Nigel is mine! ALL MINE!! This is the greatest day of my life!

    He’s a sloppy drinker so usually there’s a few water droplets on that schnoz.

    I love all these guys though, with their goofy smiles and happy snorfing! Thank you CO for always making my day smilier!

  42. Melanie Coffman says:

    A happy birfday indeed for me! Eli (#14) is mine and though not a comment favorite, seeing the cloud through his nostril makes me giggle every time I look at that photo

  43. Ditto, jackie! I’m still not sure it’s real–must keep looking!

  44. Hee, Sunshine is my girl. She’s real, I promise. And the funniest little rat ever, she makes me laugh every day. So pleased to see her on Cute Overload!

  45. What the heck happened to #18? 😮

    Love all the pink and speckled kitty nosicles, but my favorite may be the little chubby bovine one in #11.

  46. I think Tobias Fünkitty is the best name!

  47. I think Tobias Fünkitty is the best name!

  48. #20 just became my desktop wallpaper. I just love a guy with glasses..

  49. Alba's Servant says:

    Hey tracylee (and Sra. Schnozz), yes, she’s a galga! They’re the bestest pets in the world, along with all other sighthounds of course 😉