Goin’ Mobile

I can pull up by the curb
I can make it on the road
Goin’ mobile
I can stop in any street
And talk with people that we meet
Goin’ mobile
Keep me movin’

Video posted by RudiElias86, lyrics by Pete Townshend.



  1. Way tooooooo dangerous for the kitten

  2. Where are the Dogs Playing Poker? 😛

  3. but how does his moustache stay on?

  4. I worry that the kitten will fall off, but the loving nuzzles are too adorable for me to get mad. Might be good to get a secure carrier/seat soon, especially since as the kitten gets bigger, there are going to be gouges in that guy’s shoulder.

  5. He wuvs his dad. awwww

  6. bookmonstercats says:

    I did wonder about kitty not being belted in/on, but s/he’s happy, there isn’t a lot of traffic on the roads, and if’n s/he wasn’t happy, by the ‘eck, that guy would know about it!!!

  7. Lynne Skysong says:

    At first I was worried about the cat falling, but then I remember just how quick their reflexes are. I think the cat would come out better in a wreck. A shame I can’t say the same for my beardie, but he wouldn’t want to perch while I’m cycling anyways.

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    Way too cool.
    Although I’m gonna need some meds to get me through the anxiety attacks caused by the fear for the kitty jumping into traffic.
    Hey, my bike didn’t come with a kitty. 😦

  9. Anyone else distracted by those wild cat “reooows!” in the music?

    Loved how the cat always went for snuggles as he enjoyed the view. And yes, yes he does ride a bike better than me (since I can’t ride a bike at all).

  10. Kitteh needs a helmet too!!!

  11. Ooooh wowowowooww! I kinda would have wished to see them arrive back home at the end of the clip! But WOW!

  12. I was sorta worried about him getting into a sport given all the doping scandals in cycling, but since Nip isn’t what anyone would consider “performance enhancing” other than making for an amusing performance for hoomins, I say go on with his kitteh self.

  13. My first reaction.

    Second, how do you get a cat to keep said helmet on?

    Third, how to you catch cat to put said helmet on?

  14. Steve used to ride around on my shoulder like that. Not biking, though; just walking and dancing.

    This kitteh has racing stripes!

  15. digging the curly ‘stache owner 😉

  16. I’m not usually a ’nuffer, but I think it’s pretty horrible to ride your bike in traffic with a cat on your shoulder. It’s dangerous for the animal and distracting for drivers. Judging by the hipster moustache, it seems like he’s going more for eccentricity points than doing it for the love of his pet.

  17. Loves me some Who’s Next!

  18. Ancient hipster secret, you probably never heard of it.

  19. Fearless guy; fearless kitteh, just cruisin’ tha streets. Props for optimism!

  20. As in 10 (count ’em, 10) needle sharp clawses in his back/neck. Yeeouch!!

  21. Ooh, he’s definitely riding in Philadelphia, where I live. Hope to see him and kitty (well, mainly just kitty) some day.

  22. The Original Jane says:

    Freddie Mercury is alive and well – just with a new haircut.

  23. Love the racing stripes! 😀

  24. aww, BFF’s. kitteh is so happy, nuzzling away while riding along. so cute.

  25. a million years could pass and my little freaky cat would never be evolved enough to do that. amazing!

  26. emmberrann says:

    Ahhhh! Memories of my Late & much beloved Picky-cat,who would not wear ANYTHING but his own custom-made floofy grey coat!!! (And that included any and all collars, let alone helmets!!!

  27. As adorable as that is I have to agree. This is like watching those people who drive with their dogs loose in their truck beds. It only will take one urgent stop to send that sweet kitten flying and if it survives that it will take off. If the guy happens to spill totally, it will likely be over for the cat. Pet owners need to think these things through. You wouldn’t do that with a child; well the risk is the same for your beloved pet. This guy surely enjoys riding with his cat; but also I think he is getting an ego feed from doing it too; not the right reason to put your pet at risk.

  28. KInd of want to make a drinking game out of this. Drink everytime the kitty and guy nuzzle.

  29. I was excited to realize he and kitty were riding around Center City! I grew up in Philly and miss it greatly.

  30. Peeps, I think we have us a nominee for the men of cuteoverload calendar!

  31. There are actually a few frames of the video where you can see the harness the kitty is wearing. This guy loves his cat and isn’t trying to put her in harm’s way.

  32. Way too scared for the kitteh to be cute. Must take calming pill, now, and lay down.

  33. At the risk of being a, nuffer, I believe? I totally agree: this is like being on an airplane where the oxygen masks drop down and the adult puts on the mask but doesn’t bother to help the child after.

    That kitty might be having a good time but doesn’t deserve to go splat should everything go wrong. And even kitties can’t save themselves being projected at 30, 40, 50 mph, as far as I know. (How fast is he going, anyway?)

    Extremely cute but very risky for kitty, I should say.

  34. AGREED! I think he really loves his kitteh. Sure, the attention he gets from riding around with kitteh is fun, but he gets in on the nuzzly akshun!

  35. Is the kitteh named Roger Pawtrey?

  36. Pawdrophenia? Whose Cat? Pinball Whiskers? Happy Cat? Pictures of Kitteh? Baba O’Kitteh?

  37. Linda Matuskey says:

    I’ll bet he gets nice and stinky for kitty to enjoy!

    On another note, reminds me of a movie by Aranofsky. Love the Euro pop music

  38. *snerk*

  39. And if you do happen to get a helmet on a kitteh, does it simply go limp and fall over?

  40. Have you ever been behind a bicycle while driving? They don’t typically go more than 20 mph. Even racers have an upper limit of 30ish. It’s definitely still dangerous, but at least it’s low speed.

  41. Nope 😀

    I would need to re-adjust the seat and pump up the tires on my bike before I will be able to ride it.

  42. This is awesome. That song, in case you’re interested, is called Wildcat by Ratatat. I have often considered buying one of those bicycle baskets with the cage top for taking anipals for rides, but I’m sure my kitty would flip out.