Everyone Likes the Story of David and Goliath

Especially the part where young David kitty wins by telling the giant dog, “Go, lieth!”

Top pic: Sender-inner Brady S., tells us, “We bought a new bed for Sarge but he said Foxton could have it!”
Bottom pic: Originally sended-ins by Katie R. here: Time Thou Art a Fickle Mistress. More themed silliness here: How Cuteness Can Save the World


  1. Now which one is Sarge and which one is Foxton? Hehe.

  2. Return of Butt Bed!!!!!! I lurves it!

  3. ahh, the famous butt-bed! one of my favorite posts : )

  4. Classic butt bed. :mrgreen:

  5. I’ve been looking for the original butt bed post for months. Thanks CO. Have just guffawed coffee down my work clothes.

  6. We all know who the boss is in those photos. LOL.

  7. Yep :D

  8. When I read the hovertext on the first picture, I thought it said, “The meelks shall inherit the earth.”

  9. I did too!

  10. Fird Birfle says:


  11. I love Irish Wolf Hounds, dogs the size of a pony and breed to hunt wolves and they are the nicest pooches and they think they’re lap dogs. :lol:

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    not to mention the admirable scraggliness.

  13. Sweet doggies, as are the similar Scottish Deerhounds. Also emit MAJOR hound-dawg smell. :P

  14. If you ever visit Gettysburg, be sure to see the Irish Brigade monument with its depiction of a sleeping wolfhound. It is beautiful.

  15. Aww, somebody please get Sarge a pillow!

  16. Oh wait. That’s not Sarge! I mean the bottom dog needs a pillow.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    also noted: somebody (perhaps the humans who live there to feed the animals?)
    did a lovely job of theme- and color- coordinating the two beds, in the top pic !!!

  18. Have to give a slingshout-out to Pyrit for punning on a Biblical scale. You knocked that one on the head!

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    Very nicely put, Oakley. Sadly, I couldn’t come up with anything wittier than snorting coffee out of my nose ;)

  20. stbernardmom says:

    God bless ’em…..

  21. I’ll bet his butt is very comfy.

  22. do you mean that it feels comfy for HIM or that if somebody were to use it as a pillow, that it would be comfy for THAT person???

    *shifty eyes*

  23. I just adore big wussy gentle doggies!

    Butt bed indeed. :)


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