This Just In! Camilla’s Koala Kerfuffle

I say, well well well! What ho, koala.

Right, Charles. You don’t suppose it might be tea time now, do you?

Charlie, it is positively tea time I do think. Are you even listening to me?

For the last time, Charles. Is it or is it not time we should be having our tea!

There are times when one requires a spot of tea. And this is one of those times!

This calls for drastic measures now. Lady needs a wee cuppa teaaa!

Pardon me, anyone, would a sherry be out of the question!

Keep Calm and Koala On! Via Buzzfeed.
The royal pair were in Australia this week as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.



  1. Clearly Camilla is just so completely overwhelmed by the koala’s adorabulness, that she has completely lost all composure. *nods knowingly*

  2. AHHHMEGEERRDDD!! that’s the proshest mini-panda ever! Why is Camille so scared of him? he’s just kanoodled in a blanky and chillin with his afro puffs! Looks like she just ate lemons for brunch….geez lol.

  3. I was so excited i wrote mini-panda instead of mini-koala!! It’s ok, it’s in the mod lounge anyway, to suffer a horrible fate at the hands of the tea and crumpets crowd.

  4. oh gosh, if i had the opportunity to snorgle with a baybeh koalie, i’d SNORGLE the baybeh koalie!! hand him over, camilla, and i’ll show ya how its done! sheesh!

  5. Poor Camilla she’s not very photogenic is she. At least the koalas photograph well.

  6. Her name is a ticket to the mod lounge! 😯

  7. Wth.. why does she look so terrified.. I’d be elated.. how many people get to hold a Koala????

  8. Who’s going to whisper to the Duchess that her slip is showing?

  9. What’s wrong with that woman? Seriously.

  10. Picture 3: I’m pretty sure the koala just pooped on the prince.

  11. Had to go back and look! 🙂 I was too distracted by the look of consternation on her face to notice. (Nice to know someone still wears slips, actually.) As I scrolled down, I was expecting to see that the dear baby had p**ped on her or something. Why is she making that face when she has sweet baby koala to smooch?!

  12. Ha ha, see my other comment below, re: p**p.

  13. Southern Fried Pugs says:

    She looks horrified. Thought the royals weren’t allowed to grimace in distaste.

  14. I don’t think that’s a slip, I think that’s just the chiffon outer layer on her dress. There is the chiffon outer bit, and the lining. The part that looks like a slip at first glance, looks to actually be the chiffon outer bit upon further scrutiny.

  15. I think it’s her underskirt, it’s got the same floral pattern w dark spots on it so it’s probably got a layered skirt or it’s a wrap-y kind of thing.

  16. I’m not that worried about Camilla but if that’s mama, Charles better watch out. You don’t grope a strange baby in mama’s presence.

    She will eucalyptus-gut out that man if reassured that baby’s safe.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    I HOPE that everybody happened to find the hovertext on the FIRST pic of this set.

    Cuddly K-bear’s got a bit of a Diva ‘tude, if we are to b’lieve pyrit !!!

    funny as h-e-dubble -you-know-whatsis

  18. I think perhaps one of them piddled on her.

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    MY thing (and pardon me universe while I do another self-expressive rant)

    1: I’m prince of Britain basically waiting (sorry ‘ Beth!!) for me mum to become an ex-Queen and to give it a rest.
    2: I’m married to Diana, whom every human on the planet with exception of them Windsor peeps adores.

    3: I think I’ll find some way to leave Diana. Then I’ll wait oh about six minnits and then
    once Camilla isn’t married to somebody else, gee she’s such a PIP of a gal.

    Golly gee Camilla is
    INFINITELY more attractive, has MUCH prettier eyes, she’s younger
    and with a more lithe figure than *ugh**rolls eyes* that dreadful Diana ……

    Is my opinion showing????

  20. she just strikes me as someone who prefers to wear fur-bies rather than holidng live ones. (and no i did not google her to find out her PETA status . . . )

  21. I can’t think of two people more deserving of being pooped on. They look positively repulsed. Where are their values?

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    Who can explain the jaunty red-plastic-looking flowers (poppies?) pinned on the royal couple?

  23. Aw, to be fair it looks like Good Ole Charlie was being a real trooper about the whole thing, smiling and petting the darling leetle creechure; it’s his wife the Duchess of Corn…wall who’s grimacing and carrying on as if she were holding day-old soiled nappies (which maybe she was, in which case I say, “Bully for you, Koala baby!”

  24. I think it’s to remember the fallen in wars. It’s got to do with a poem which I can’t recall right now…

  25. Hey what gives? My first comment was sent to the mod lounge and now it’s disappeared. And the comment before mine as also disappeared.

  26. I hope that old bat didn’t p**p on the koala. That is all.

  27. rescue gal says:

    I was going to say that – word for word.

  28. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s for Remembrance Day.

  29. Catwhisperer says:

    No, I don’t think anyone got p**ped on — that’s what the little sacks are for. There’s def something wrong with that woman. I got to hold a koala when I visited my aunt in Australia, and the expression on my face was pure joy.

  30. So, apparently when you’re a royal, your baby koala comes diapered in a beautiful silk scarf with an iconic Australian animals print.

  31. *grabby hands* Give me the babeh!

  32. I’ll take the babeh if she doesn’t want him!

  33. In Canada we wear poppies in November until the 11 which is Rememberance Day
    Here is a link to the poem and it’s history.

  34. Geez, the stupid woman has DOGS. Why is she so freaked out over an adorable little koala?!?!?

  35. Have you tried the Quality Koala Tea?

  36. Any one that makes faces like that when holding a baby Koala doesn’t deserve to hold one !!! I do hope it tinkled on her !

  37. I read some other accounts of this and evidently she was actually overwhelmed by the Qte and joked about wanting to take the wee one home with her. I guess her “Oh so precious” face is also her “Oh Jeez, it perped on me” face.

  38. good to know, because otherwise it looks like someone handed a tribble to a klingon

  39. 😆 😆 😆

  40. Hmmm….lemme try.


  41. Yup, you’re right! It *is* a password!

  42. cute animals, but not so cute persons who stands for betrayal and lies.

  43. Fird Birfle says:


  44. Fird Birfle says:

    Charlie & Camilla/ in unison: “What’s a ‘value’??”

    (how DARE I????)

  45. Love the …. pause there.

  46. gee whiz. i left a message earlier, it was moderated, and then never listed. whats up, co?

  47. Gigi, we in the UK also wear poppies until the 11th November and/or the nearest Sunday, to honour the fallen in all conflicts from then on. The proceeds of sale go to charities for war veterans. Strictly, it only applies to the Commonwealth, but I always think on all of the fallen, regardless of where they came from. We hold a 2 minute silence at 11am on the Sunday nearest 11th November (which happened to be a Sunday this year) and a trumpeter plays the Last Post. It’s very moving. Sometimes, other coloured poppies are sold to raise funds for animals killed in conflict and this year they were lilac.

  48. I absolutely love Charles’s expression in the 3rd to last picture. He truly loves watching the little guys kiss, while Camilla seems frightened. Not sure why.

  49. For koala’s sake people. She’s never been a photogenic woman and the photography isn’t exactly top notch.

    It’s really easy to catch a frame of a person looking oddly when in fact they’re actually quite happy and pleased. There’s plenty of worthy things to dislike about her, but calling her names because she’s not photogenic isn’t one of them. If you’ve never held a baby koala before, it can be an intimidating experience because you can be afraid of hurting it and/or doing something to displease it. They’re not like other mammals and you do have to be careful how to hold them, especially if they’re babies.

    Both of them love animals, and it’s really hitting below the belt to suggest otherwise.

  50. At least she’ll take some of the “wee” home with her.

  51. Poor Cam. That is indeed her happy face.

  52. I completely agree. The woman wasn’t lucky enough to be born beautiful but I think she does the best she can with what she’s got.

    Personally, I’d be hugging the heck out of that bebbeh but perhaps she was instructed not to get too close with the mama right there.

  53. phred's mom says:

    Definitely ftw!

  54. phred's mom says:

    Poppies, sold by veterans in the days leading up to
    Nov. 11th, have been a tradition here in the U.S., too,
    but this year in New Jersey, none. Hurricane Sandy
    put the kibosh on it around here. Many folks still out
    of power, homeless.

  55. phred's mom says:

    We can only imagine.

  56. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    Come on, now. For a group of people who love animals, big and small, creepy and furry, we sure are harsh when it comes to a woman none of us know. She’s not hurting the koala, for heaven’s sake. Not everyone does well around all animals.

    And since I bet most of us don’t have room to judge (something about glass houses), photogenic and beautiful aren’t the same thing. The photos are obviously taken in succession, and I imagine less than 2 minutes passed between the first photo and the last and that’s why she’s making the same weird John Mayer bird face in every photo.

    And hey, here she is with a baby kangaroo! And she looks happy, not panicked. And actually, pretty photogenic. Again, I don’t think most of us have room to talk in this department.

  57. I think the Mod lounge is stocked with Ribena and beans on toast. 🙂

  58. Thanks viv..I agree. I feel bad that people make fun of her. It is mean and I no likes mean. 😦

    Just my two cents.

    Now I will go back to enjoying the qte koalas. They have such boopable nosicles! A good Nosevember post.

  59. I always remember them around Memorial day more than Veterns Day. Always bought a bunch from the local VFW or DAR chapter.

    Not as popular down south where I am now.

  60. Ohhhh I know whyyyyyy
    same reason the King of the Road is a password to the lounge – LOOK at what their names have in common!

  61. not a fan, either, myself – though why should I care, I’m not a Brit – especially that bit about the letters in re feminine hygeine products. ew. just… ew, Chuck, really?

  62. the letters i-l-l in a row are Mod Lounge fodder? how bizarre…

  63. michelle b adams says:

    It is not her looks that bother me. It’s the flagrant adultery, which apparently is earl grey tea OK with royalty. However, Diana having her female friends over for tea was completely unacceptable. This makes sense HOW? And I have never heard that she was an animal lover, just that she and Charles shared an interest in ‘horses.’

  64. In the last pic, baby koala seems to be sayiing, just look me at…ignore the peeps.

  65. Who can argue with a bebbeh kangaroo?

  66. bookmonstercats says:

    Oh dear, phred’s mom, my thoughts are with all still affected by Sandy. God bless.

  67. Fleurdamour says:

    “Oh, dear, trouble with the koalonials!”

  68. fleurdamour says:

    And vegemite!

  69. not to cause any un-pc problems here, but…..

    Lady Di would have tewtelly snorgled the little guy! : )

  70. Adultery has nothing to do with the subject of this post or this website. And just because someone commits adultery (or does something else you may not approve of) doesn’t mean that they must hate animals. Get a freakin’ grip.

  71. And something that’s been on the boil for a few hours. Can’t remember if it’s a vegetable or a piece of meat.

  72. SHHHH!

  73. Okay, everyone put their heads on their desks for 10 minutes!

  74. I know! The worst part was that the item was so titillating! Repressed much?

  75. Yes but hating animals is a sure sign of questionable morals!

  76. Huzzah!

  77. I thought it was the R*ger part, not the M*ller part.

  78. Let those of us without sin cast the first stone, eh Arcadia? Perhaps we are not in the best position to judge what others do.

  79. or why they do them.

  80. Viv, you go girl! 🙂

  81. Fird Birfle says:

    ok peeps . I’m gonna briefly try to behave nicely as I wuz (allegedly) taught in kindergarten…

    I will say this.

    In the Last Photo above:
    — the koala looks safe and also cute.

    and Ms. Formerly Parker-Bowles AND her outfit too actually look pretty
    reasonably groovy and real-life. I even like both the hat *AND* its feather too.


    (and this is genuine I’m not even Being Eddie Haskell)

  82. Fird Birfle says:

    *raises hand*

    Do you need someone to argue with a kangaroo?

  83. Fird Birfle says:

    ps 6rabbits: I will go along with you about nice to possibly see that a slip is still an item someone is willing to consider an attractive option to being a Kardashian.

    Even if the Judge decides that it’s all the same wrap skirt.

  84. Fird Birfle says:

    wow even having somebody ‘splain it, I STILL don’t get it and b’c I’m a recovering
    (mostly) still kinda/ kinda lapsed Catholic (well…..female anyhow if not “girl”)

    I DON”T EVEN CARE to hear what I don’t understand.

    *puts head under sand*

  85. I think it’s more him giving her a free lemonade.

    At least, I really hope that’s what happened…

  86. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I know you’re likely joking, but it reminds me of my mother. She’s not an animal person, and she would never have pets, but she’s learned to accept mine even though she still doesn’t pet them. They know not to seek attention from her even though she will buy them gifts and speak to them.

  87. Fird, the argument clinic is next door. Ask for Jim; he’s top notch.

  88. hee hee!

    Yes, what is your beef, ma’am?

  89. firdie – think of the term ‘puppeh mall’ and replace some letters – that’s why they ban the baby dog term and the thing that grinds grain

  90. and her morals?

  91. LOL!

  92. Fird Birfle says:

    kaBAM that’s gud, that is!!!!~

  93. Fird Birfle says:


    ok now THAT is a Worthwhile Concept for Meg & co. to monitor.

    sometimes, I’m not even sure that there is any grey matter ‘tween my earses 😦

    THANKS tl 🙂

  94. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Morals are sound and proper! Is that one of the rules of cute?

  95. Now THAT’s a nice picture of her! She may be criticized for many things, but she is always praised for being a good sport and a fan of animals. I think the koala pics were just a bad set of images. The reports on their visit said that Camilla wanted to take the wee koalette home with her.

  96. Actually, Diana was by all reports not a big fan of animals: horses, dogs, etc. Very fearful of them.

  97. Frankly, if his sons have accepted her, what the heck do we have to criticize? And by the way . . . check out her skin. Really fantastic. Look at her hands!

  98. I shudder to think what my face would like if I were holding a babeh koalikin during the first few shutters of a camera taking my picture…I’m thinking some thing like this: ex….plo…ding…joy…. /ded (i.e. not pretty, but super effing HAPPY)

  99. conspiracy theories abound on the internet, but I must agree withh Arcadia on this one…

  100. warrior rabbit says:

    Hmm. I’m in the US. Never knew of this. And I’m in a military town. Huh. But I don’t go to the parades or anything, and I’m not in the military. (Dad’s a vet, though — Korea. But he didn’t exactly go willingly.)

  101. warrior rabbit says:

    Sylvester. But he didn’t do it well.

  102. HAWWWWW!! Good one!

  103. 😆 times infinity!!

  104. You have a much better eye than I do! Upon re-examination I can see that it IS a wrap skirt–very confusing material that is! 🙂
    (Slips are a very underutilized clothing item and I wish someone would bring them back in fashion for the sake of those who must witness the alternative!)

  105. YES. Concur with muchly with FB and tracylee.
    EWWWWWWWWWW! Waaaay too much information!

  106. And when you know that she was actually happy/overwhelmed at the time, and then examine the photos, you can see how the expressions could be interpreted that way.

  107. Fird Birfle says: