Notice how big the woolly bears are this year?

Watch these red pandas  huge woolly bears, and see if you can predict what kind of winter we’re going to have.

Looks like it’s going to be a wild one!

Fave Frame™:

P.S. Real Red Panda poop – Ed

Never heard of a ‘wolly bear’ before? They’re actually caterpillars who can predict winter weather! At least that’s what farmers say. Videos via Cincinnati Zoo.



  1. “I shall chomp you !” tag ?

  2. it’s a cat-fox-bear-raccoon!

    definitely one of the most adorabuhl critters on the planet. squee!

  3. Hahah! To the red panda poop…

  4. Or, as they are known in other regions of the country, such as my native MO, Wooly Worms.

  5. Those caterpillars were the only bugs I liked as a child, maybe because they have fur and don’t have the classic bug eyes my phobia didn’t kick in. Until that is one of them bit me, that confirmed that I was right all along to be afraid and adults lied about little bugs not being able to hurt big me.
    Didn’t trust adults after that, still don’t 😆

  6. Red pandas are THE most adorable animal on the planet, bar none.

  7. With the world’s floofiest tails.

  8. Fird Birfle says:


    “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”
    Jack Weinberg (b. 1940)
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    He was a part of some extended Free Speech demonstrations which involved negotiating with (?campus) police of the UC/ Berkeley Campus, about being allowed to have events on campus which involved off-campus topics, such as elections,etc.

    I found a really interesting photo (everybody is all politely dressed in button down shirts, neatly trimmed short hair and khaki slacks; so it all SEEMS quite civil at the point of the photo shutter). Oct 1964

    I attempted to c/ paste that link/ page here to show ya, but when I attempted
    to copy the link for the page, something in the programmed code changes the line of text in the address bar.
    Oh well, best-laid plans …

    Hippie aged 50 *sigh*


  10. I LUVLUVLUV those caterpillars! My favouritest little wee creatures evah. They used to abound, but haven’t seen them much in past few years. hmmm…could be ’cause I don’t “go out to the woods” so much anymore – my teddy bear’s too old for picnics!

  11. This post made me so happy. I adore red pandas but rarely get to see them playing. Between this and the butterfly vid, I’m in panda heaven.

  12. That’s what we call them here in Illinois. There’s a town that even has a Wooly Worm 5K/Festival each year.

  13. Wooly Bear caterpillars can’t really predict the weather. They just get a range of weighted probabilities from their supercomputer simulations.

    I think the little one there perfected his tail-chomp-run-away-change-the-subject fu while we watched.

  14. This made my day as I study for my probability & statistics exam. Plus, red pandas rule!

  15. Sproingy red pandas!

  16. Oh I love it!

  17. Red pandas remind me of the tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros. 3 (am I dating myself?)

  18. I remember that!!! The flying suit 🙂 I loved that power-up….although I always killed myself trying to fly. Ahhhh memories 🙂

  19. That was BY FAR my favorite point at 0:34.

  20. @Gigi….they bite??!!!

  21. Red pandas look all rascally. I love a rascal. Move to rename them: Red Rascalbears. I want one soooooo badly.

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep, we called ’em Wooly Worms too! True story–my sister swerves to avoid running over them when she drives!

  23. Yes they DO! Well it’s not bad like a bee sting, but they can pinch with their mandible and it hurts. It hurt my 6 year old finger anyway.

  24. The black bellehs! The black BELLEHS! I wanna keess them! 😀

  25. Yes! Yes! I submeeted this! Hooray for red pandas and the Cincy Zoo! This rascally little red panda’s name is Homer. Also, I love the perfect pairing of red panda with woolly worm.