Snow-Mo Action

People, will you please take a look here. The world-famous Snow Monkehs of Nagano, Japan.

Get more info on these terrific little guys here. AND you can watch them live, right here! (If it’s black, or a still frame, that means the Snow-Mo critters are sleepin.’) Here’s what the webcam looks like when it’s all snowy n’ such:

Video from PhotoGalleryNorth!



  1. yay snow mos!

  2. I watched the Life series when it came out, and my mom couldn’t stand these fellas because the lower-ranking individuals are forced to sit out in the snowy cold while the high-ranking 1% munkehs get to be warm and cozy. Cute though. Not nuffing… I think…

  3. 6:58 – GTFO haha

  4. I love these guys! They are so mellow.

  5. Sner minkehs!!

  6. They seem sad

  7. Cool as Cucumbers.
    Laid back Larrys.
    It’s a Zen Den, baby.

  8. They seem pretty relaxed to me…

  9. Look at how they hold onto the side so they don’t fall asleep and slip into the water. This is me, exactly, when I am in hot bath and can’t keep my eyes open.

  10. Ermergerrrd!

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    still love this.

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    Konnichi–wa to the Minkeys !!!

    (I’m wondering, whether they have their leesances….)

  13. snow monkey blinks
    steam rises from eternal pool
    when do we get out?

  14. irritablevowel says:

    Ideal life, right there. I’ve always said that, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as one of them.

  15. any pictures of them in clement weather? i bet they frolic like a sock hop.

  16. Just pass some brewskis around the hot tub, and you’ve got Snow Bros. 😛

  17. When your fingers and toes are pruney.

  18. 6:58 Lookit me,Im a Bigfoot!Rawr!

  19. ohhh…getting out would suck. they don’t have towels or warm places to rush off to. i think i would be stuck in there for a very long time.

  20. This would be great if it didn’t remind me that there’s already snow 50 miles away from where I live. 😦

  21. When it’s warm out, they won’t go in the hot springs because they’re really hot!

  22. I feel more relaxed just watching them. Love all the nitpicking that goes on with monkehs. 🙂

  23. Apparently, the spa life is a fairly new development for these guys and gals. Found some interesting info and pics here
    …and thays got opposable thumbs!

  24. Im fairly sure that are some people in disguises there..

  25. Every time I see these monkeys I think of the lady who ruined that Ecce Homo painting.

    Please, please, pause at 4:47, and you will see him channel this “restoration”:

  26. Think these guys featured on a David Attenborough documentary(can’t remember if it was Planet Earth of Life). Looked incredible on blu-ray too.

  27. Are these minkees on the island of Hon(k)shu, by any chance? 🙂

  28. They definitely have people-eyes.

  29. Those faces! Those eyes! They look like humans with big fluffy parkas on.
    But, like most mammals (I think) they cannot smile. I was thinking about that watching that: are we the only mammals that can smile with our mouths? And if so, why?

  30. Do you mean Honshu, the main island of Japan? Those monkeys(Nohonzaru=Japanese monkeys) in the vid are seen in North Honshu = Tohoku. They are everywhere, but you would find the ones that bathe only in Tohoku.

  31. That’s my thought– some time you have to get out of the warm water, and then it’s snowing and you’re soaking wet. Can’t be good.

  32. wtf- i just read their whole site. there’s very little aggression in their hierarchy. b/c food is plentiful for them there, top-ranked don’t need to show aggression to low-ranked. also, this is a matrilineal society, very nurturing to all, with few boys around to start fights.

  33. no way! they seem deep.

  34. there’s a thing on the site about that. they dont get cold because, since they dont cook off by sweating, their capillaries near the skin surface are very constricted… OK, I didn’t understand it either but they dont get cold coming out.

  35. Other Primates can smile, it just doesn’t mean the same thing as when a human smiles. For instance, when a chimp smiles it is usually a fear reaction.

  36. OMG . . . the monkeys at 4:20!!!

  37. I’ve hiked up that mountain to see those guys. its was cold and rainy and quite a hike.. made us wish we could be in the hot springs instead of them.

  38. I’ve hiked up a mountain to see these guys, it was snowy and wet.. but they were hopping around and enjoying their dip in the hot springs. We all wished it was us in the hot springs cause it was so gross out.