Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet!

I’m hunting Flutterbyes!

Wait! Encore Red Pand presentayshe!

[Teeter teeter]



Video via Meerkat Manor. Beth P. found this skeeeeeeery Panda-Pannnts in The Wisconsin State Journal. Love the little Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action.


  1. kibblenibble says:

    Was that a tiny ferocious growl I heard at about 14 seconds? The ears and tail on this one are flooftacular.

  2. This is one of my all time favorite red panda photos. And if a photo ever screamed “impending doom”, it’s this one! Such a cutie.

  3. I want to hug a red panda tail.

  4. I have never wanted more to be a butterfly to be pounced on by a red panda.

  5. New and improved Red Pandas! Now with more pounce to the ounce!