Friday Haiku: Baggy Basset Beach Babe

Ball brought to you by

Floppy jowls flapping freely

Followed by blorp rolls

Droopy drool action by Doug Jewell, a winner of the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year.


  1. Man, I just loves me a hound dog. Ears as big and soft as blankets, Frito feet, droopy eyes…can there be anything finer in all the land?

  2. I’m with you, Mamabear. Ain’t nuttin like a hound dog.

  3. Don’t forget that hound-dawg smell! :P

  4. fleurdamour says:

    Glad to see you comment, Theresa, I know you live in NY. Did you make it through the storm ok?

    I haven’t seen Oakley post lately – anyone know if she lives on the East Coast?

  5. Here I be! Happy to say that Sandy left my corner of Philadelphia high if not very dry. Thanks for asking.

  6. I made it through fine– my nabe looks virtually untouched, although I didn’t have phone or internet for almost ten days. My dad had to go stay with friends.

  7. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know. Those huge sailing flaps of soft brown velvet ears are just a wonder.

  8. Foot-tall baritone
    Nosevember to remember.
    Le basset: je t’aime!

  9. Fird Birfle says:

    ahYUP herpa derpa derp !!!

  10. More than a hound dog.
    Yes, I’m derping all the time.
    Catch me now, Elvis!

  11. Stubby legs, pumping,
    Propel floppy ears and jowls
    Across the hot sand.

    “Bunbu Ichi,” means
    “Sword and Pen Together,” right?
    What is, “Dog and Ball?”

    Separately, they leave.
    As one, dog and ball return.
    “BassetBall Ichi?”

  12. *awed golf clap*


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