Reg-gie, Reg-gie, Reg-gie!

Q: What’s the only thing worse then getting a bath?
A: Drying off.

Update with Fave Frame™ Action By Request!

Submitted by Jonna P: (“The mewls at 0:35 kilt me into a puddle.”)



  1. bob drummond says:


  2. that’s an epic drying

  3. That’s some epic hair drying at the end!

  4. michelle b adams says:

    Somebody describe what’s happening, please! I canna see it at work!

  5. Reginald is, perhaps, the bestest name evah!

  6. He looks so majestic!!

  7. Little black and white Persian kitten looking all disgruntled getting a bath, then getting blow-dried with lots of slow motion fur flying all over!

  8. But, but, we never see him all fluffed out. Did anyone see him all fluffed out?

  9. Andi in NC says:

    LOVE the super-dramatic blow dry – like others, I also want to see the him afterward – bet he’s beautiful!!

  10. JoAnn Armstrong says:

    Really???? Persians need baths. This is NOT cute, poor kitty looks so distressed and is shaking. Shame on you CO…this is treated as entertainment.

  11. What no Fave Frame? I like the part with a wrapped towel with the kitteh eyes peering out.

  12. That was :42 and it left me half ded.

  13. Love Too Cute on Animal Planet. I remember little Reginald from one of the kitten episodes. He is lord of the fluffiness there.

  14. OMG, I saw this on Animal Planet’s Too Cute show the other day! Love the Fabio-esque blow dry moments at the end.

  15. CritterMama says:

    No, and I feel cheated!

  16. Whoever thought of doing the blow-drying in slo-mo w/THAT music deserves an Emmy.

  17. Did anyone see this? Why has this not been submitted? Why do I not have this munchkin in my grabby hands right now? (I hope this comes up for the world to see.)

  18. You owe me an apology. Actually, you owe my boss an apology because I ain’t gettin’ nothin’ more done today after watching that. 🙂

  19. OMG, that is soooo cute! The floofy tail is too much.

  20. Rachael, you know it was soooo worth it.

  21. And those stubby legs. Floofy Kitten could give Max Stubbular a real run for his money in the too cute department. (Or is that The Department of Too Cute?)

  22. Looks like torture to me!..

  23. I thought that you weren’t supposed to get these wet?

    Never thought I’d see a cat get a Brazilian blow-out.

  24. It sure was. 🙂

  25. Yes, really! (Bing works too.)

    And shame on YOU, Trolly Trollerton.

  26. Me three! I was all ready to oooh and aawwww and even had a pillow on the floor in anticipation of a thud. It’s all too frustrating! Quick, someone show me a flooffy, furry SOMETHING…

  27. Headtossing at :54 is better than any model in a shampoo commercial

  28. Oh my gosh I’m ded

  29. On the show itself, they actually say that yes, Persians are the one breed that needs baths to maintain their coat.

  30. MinglesMommy says:

    Hilarious. My (rescued stray) kitten had his first (and last) bath the day after I got him, having had some serious tummy troubles all over himself. My sister’s roommate popped him into their bathroom sink and he retaliated by peeing on her hand twice. I got some very cute pix, though, and since he was dried by towel he loved that part. The whole experience knocked him out and he slept in his carrier all the way home.

  31. I tried to help by going on the Animal Planet- Too Cute! Kittens site….but there’s no Reginald clip on the website 😦

  32. My newborn sons “looked distressed” and cried, whined, and kicked when they were given their first…oh, say…50 baths, their first 5 haircuts, their immunizations, their first solid foods… I have pictures and video of many of those entertaining moments.

    By your reasoning, I should have kids who are filthy, susceptible to measles, mumps, tetanus, have hair that reaches their feet, and still be breast feeding at the ages of 10 and 20. Those poor, poor boys of mine, to be abused like they were.

    I wondered when someone would try to talk, with indignation, about something they know absolutely nothing about. Congratulations, you win the award, JoAnn.

    I don’t know how you moderators do it, man. I’da lost it long ago.

  33. He seems like a sweetie, but I’m… equivocal about show cats, especially after watchinig what a century or two of show-dog standards has done to dogs (hint: when your genetic line is less diverse that the Hapsburgs, this is VERY BAD).

  34. Thanks for trying Emmylee. It took a while, but the pooches I saw on my walk today brought me back qte by qte.

  35. Sasha's Mum says:

    I was down in the US last weekend … and is my usual practice when I check into a US motel, immediately turned the TV on to Animal Planet. Well, I barely made it out of the room again, because they had a “Too Cute” marathon on! Didn’t see that episode, but did see litters of Ocicats, Savannahs, Russian Blues, and lots of other ovary-aching kittehs. As well as plenty o’ pups — including bull mastif pups in the snow that just about killed me ded.

  36. fish eye no miko says:

    Yeah we def. need that as a favorite frame!

  37. The “HALP ME!” eyes at 0:42 did me in. The slow-mo blow drying was too adorable, little Reginald was WORKIN’ it!

  38. ‘Trolly Trollerton.’ #greatname

  39. @Saffron: Fave Frame™ Action is now in there BY REQUEST. #thatwuzfast #WIN

  40. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    Go to youtube and search for “too cute adorable persian kitten”, you’ll get a clip with some Reggie in it, plus some siblings.

  41. So THAT’S what a Zach Snyder-directed kewt kitteh video would look like!

  42. Okay, Sharpy, I need to be able to do that to sooooo many people! 🙂 Hows you do dat?

  43. Do you really want to get these things wet or feed them after midnight? That was a total gremlin face if I ever saw one!

  44. My cat gets a bath regulary. Instead of a hair dryer, she gets dried with hot (but not too hot) towels right from the dryer. I think this is the only reason she puts up with the bath.

  45. Mamabear, Amen.

  46. It’s not a great analogy, as a cat is a mature creature whereas humans mature at around 16 or so.

  47. Susie-Qute says:

    Excellent! Kittehs love to be quished and squashed and smushed by warm towel and lovey human!

  48. Try this, the same clip with more at the end:

  49. I am in love. That is all.

  50. michelle b adams says:

    Thank you for the fave frame – looove eet!

  51. I never heard persian have to be bathed an I have two fluffy mcflufferson flufferpersians! But I do comb them daily. I think its pretty unneccessary to bathe a kitty unless it was outside and got really dirty!

  52. AWW, poor Reginald, kitty, but it is for your own good 🙂

  53. My neighbor had a beautiful burmese that she bathed at least once a month since he was a kitten. I saw for myself that he absolutely loved the attention and particularly loved being towel dried. There’s nothing wrong with bathing a kitty if they are accepting of it.