Nose to Nose in Nosevember

It’s good to get out and try new things, meet new folks and smell new smells. You never know, the next creature you sniff could be your new best friend.

Via Reddit by Briarbeauty?



  1. Turt is asking doggeh if he has any Grey Poupon….

  2. That turtle can peek into one of his nostrils!


  4. very cute but remember to never leave turtles and dogs together alone. Dogs love to chew and that could be fatal to the turtle.

  5. Turtles have to be so brave to live in this world. They truly do.

    They have to have a ton of trust. Love them.

  6. I bet the turtle is going to nip at the dog’s nose and that big baby is going to jump 3 feet in the air 😆

  7. teensiest privacy tailio

  8. Ha, I can see the boogers up your nose!

  9. Fird Birfle says:


    *plop* *plop*
    *fizz* fizz*

  10. *burrows into dogfolds, falls asleep*

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    Love the turkle’s little left leg poised to give the pup a good wallop if he gets out of line…

  12. That turtle can CRAWL into one of his nostrils.

  13. AWWWWWW! lookit the Boxer 🙂 Those ears are ripe for nomming and I’m taking those earsies before Tracylee goes for them. I love how inquisitive Boxers are…if anything, he/she would most likely sniff and then back away.

  14. I’ve had a thing for boxers ever since I was a little kid. A family across the street had their boxer minding their crawling baby in the front yard and I swear that dog wouldn’t have let ANYBODY come near that child.

  15. I bet that dog moves out of the way before the turtle.

  16. Fird Birfle says:


  17. Rachael- I have a Boxer, and she is the exact same way. Sweetest thing ever, but very protective of every wee one around her.

  18. bob drummond says:

    Oh yeah ! I thinking about that myself !!!OUCH !!!