Sticker Schlock

At last it is over, the signs and the shouting
The ads and the robocalls hounding
One side will be grinning and one will be pouting
While normal folk’s brains took a pounding

And thus do we limp to the sixth of November
The day that I’ve dreaded and doted for
So I’ll wear this sticker with pride to remember
I’m stuck with the idiots I voted for

It’s safe to answer the phone again, April T.



  1. Reminds me of when I used to bring my chihuahua into the voting booth at a local elementary school (on the way home from doggy daycare) until someone sneered, “No dogs allowed on school property.” Harrumph!

  2. Voter fraud! Voter fraud! I’m pretty sure that dog is voting under an assumed name!!! /snark

  3. *compares size of my voted sticker with doggeh’s head…*
    my, that’s a wee little pup!

    & I like ntmtom’s poem 🙂

  4. Yuck, we used to get those stickers. Now we get these big peach things since we’re Georgia.

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Every election I vote in, I put the sticker on this ceramic nose I made in elementary school art class. It was supposed to be a lesson in abstract art, but it went…awry. My mom calls it the Nose of Democracy.

  6. Coffee Cup (now with more rabbits) says:

    I’m not voting until the evening, so I don’t even get to walk around with my sticker that lets people know I did my civic duty 😛

  7. Point for mom!

  8. I think so, too–there’s no way that puppeh is 18. Cute little guy, though, and a great poem, NTMTOM!

  9. I got my sticker last week when I turned in my mail-in ballot, but I forgot to wear it today. 😦

    Maybe now we can go back to being respectful to each other instead of looking down our sanctimonious noses at anyone who dares to have a different opinion than ours. 😦

  10. victoreia says:

    I voted by mail-in absentee ballot, so I don’t even get a sticker!

  11. The chihuahua represents tolerance.

  12. The sixties and seventies truly were the Golden Age of novelty presidential campaigns. I think it all started with Pat Paulsen.

    (Does anyone else remember the election of ’76, when Wavy Gravy started the Nobody for President campaign? Part of Reagan’s stump speech was the line “Nobody has all the answers,” and the Nobody contingent would go wild with applause.)

    (Also, this is the second time I’ve posted a Royal Guardsmen video to CO. We wore out all the 45s when I was a kid.)

  13. Waah! I guess our voting places don’t give stickers, as I’ve never seen one.

    They don’t give out puppehs, either.


  15. I stoated, but nobody gave me a sticker. Maybe I’ll make one.

  16. I stoated and got a sticker! YaY! i thought about sticking it to one of my kittehs, but they vetoed the idea!

  17. He might be 18 in dog years. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage – to quote that great philosopher, Indiana Jones (who, after all, was named after a dog).

  18. I think maybe it started with Gracie Allen, who ran as a candidate for the Surprise Party, in 1940. Although my preferred candidate has always been Pogo Possum. I go Pogo!!!

    (candidates 11 & 12)

  19. NTMTOM – best summation of the electoral process EVER!!

    (BTW, how come no picture of a stickered stoat?)

  20. warrior rabbit says:

    Stickering a stoat is some seriously sticky stuff.

  21. I didn’t get a sticker but I would rather have a chihuahua.

  22. tommygirl says:

    I’m Canadian, eh?

  23. Kind of want to raise a glass and recite this solemnly.

  24. So I’ll wear this sticker with pride to remember
    I’m stuck with the idiots I voted for

    Raising a glass that we’re done with this for four years.

  25. But at least the idiots I voted for won!!!

    That has not always been true – I was stuck with the idiots I DIDN’T vote for.

  26. Thank god it’s over!! and hurrah for Gay marriage in Maryland!