C’Mon Gramps, Put It In Gear!

Gears? There are gears?

Meg N. sent in Chaos the cat tailgating his pal Boulderdash, the sulcatta turtle.



  1. Just wanted to announce that I have a new cat, so now we have 5! Yes, we finally decided to adopt the cat we have been feeding outside since this summer. I took him to be neutered and the vet says he’s about 5 years old. He’s all black and 11 pounds of lean muscles. I have decided to call him Boo after Boo Radley of To kill a Mockingbird because people are afraid of black cats and just like Boo Radley he is the quietest and calmest cats I have ever known.

  2. YaY for Gigi and YaY for Boo and YaY for black cats!!

  3. The turtle looks mad and from what I can see of the cat he looks bored.

  4. I love cats that are all black!

  5. to Gigi: Congratulations on your new addition to the family.
    to Boo: What a lucky puttytat…did you land on your qte feets or what!?!
    to all: May you enjoy many happy snorgleful years

  6. Well, for sure. Wouldn’t you be mad if you just found out your car had gears!? As for the cat…well…aren’t they all when not the centre of attenshuns? just thinkin’

  7. Yay for Boo and yay for you! May all of you live happy, healthy lives. *hugs*

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Aesop’s first draft: The Tortoise and the Stare

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    What beautiful green eyes Kitty has! And what beautiful green lips Tortie has! Can I call “matchingks”?

  10. Yay for new kitties! Congrats gigi 🙂 And hooray for Boo!!!

  11. I always feel like…somebody’s watching me!!! And I get no Privacy!

  12. skippymom says:

    Hooray for Gigi and Boo!
    Gigi, you may remember that I have also been feeding an all-black cat (I call him Blackie because I am so imaginative) for almost a year. I’ve often wondered whether I should adopt him, which would bring me up to 5. Well, on two occasions recently he showed up wearing a collar!! He also looks great, and only comes to me once in a while, so obviously somebody else is caring for him. I was thinking wouldn’t it be funny if one day I put a different collar on him and sent him on his way.

  13. Has there ever been a more perfect name for a cat than Chaos?

  14. Rockwell! Where you been all these years?

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    hoo-ray for Boo-ray and for Gigi-ray!!!

    *shakes reQte pompoms*

    also hooray for skippymom’s imagination

    *searches for imagination pompoms*

  16. …and Boulderdash for a sulk-atta turtle keeeeels me

  17. *giggles* 🙂

  18. Picture is dated 2010 so I am guessing by now the turt has traveled another 10-12 inches.

  19. Yay to Gigi and Boo!!

  20. Fird Birfle says:


  21. Fird Birfle says:

    BTW — any turtle/tortoise xperts out there, wanna provide some data?
    *the following in a Seinfeld whining voice*

    “What’s the deal, with those turtle’s laigs??” [aka “turtle legs”]

    They look as though somebody takes a styrofoam cylinder and pins pebbles all around the circumference …Surely the “pebbles” are protective but wha’ tha’ — ???
    How do they form, etc??

    Signed, Turtle/ Tortoise-Luvvin’,
    Enquiring Mind

  22. How beautiful!

    I want to ask if anyone could give us some advice on bringing in a feral cat. She is very sweet, docile but obvs nervous. I tried catching her once and she freaked out and hid. But I suspect she has some teeth problems and I see a rash on her hind legs. She is a survivor for sure, but I’ve just had it seeing her alone year after year. The other cats roaming around are too temperamental and she prefers being alone. It breaks my heart cuz I wonder who she has to cuddle up to for warmth at night. She is never with other cats. I want to introduce her to being inside and I know she’s gonna fight me. We feed her and she trusts me. I regret that’ll I’ll have to break that trust if/when I do this. 😦

    I know there are experts here. Any help, suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you!

  23. Does the turtle have “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” in its side view?

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    Marie — your instincts are wonderful. One part of what you mentioned is very perceptive. While a cat is deciding whom or what to trust or not to trust, bringing it
    inside often will not feel as reassuring to the cat, as it would to you or me. Once I attempted that with a very scrappy little girl cat and I managed to get her inside and she spent the entire time yelling and crouching/ corner.

    I’ve had success when I took something yummy outside, but did not just leave it for whoever came up to eat it; in other words, sit outside near the yummy food. Probably best, although it feels odd, NOT to go to kitty and attempt to convince her what to do. Sit near the food and just be available to sit quietly (bring a book or beadwork, etc)….
    a nearly starved, nearly feral kitty decided we were BFF’s after many days of this and used to follow me around like a friendly puppy dog …but she trusted nobody else!!!

    During the “courtship”, keep circumstances quiet and non-suddenly noisy to the best of your abilities …. Maybe even DON”T have a dramatic reaction, if/ when she does eventually come to sniff you out …

    Best of luck to you and kitty!

  25. Fird Birfle says:

    O Moderators — can you “please release me” and/or my advice above to Marie?


  26. Skippymom, you TOTALLY have to do that.

  27. AWW 😀 That is great new, Gigi 😀 I hope you have Boo for many many years 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give Boo a loving forever home 😀

  28. 😆 Boulderdash, the sulcatta turtle, looks like he/she is not happy about Chaos, the cat, tailgating him/her 😆

  29. smallthunder says:

    260Oakley, for the longest time I have been content to just admire your pun-manship in silent adoration … but now I must bare my soul and … confess that I think you are OUTRAGEOUSLY CLEVER.
    You boggle my mind.
    And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  30. 260Oakley says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Now please cover up your soul before it gets cold. 😉

  31. smallthunder says:

    No problem — I live in Hawaii!

  32. Well, hey, neighbor! Which island? (Oahu, here.)

  33. Ah, driving in Florida! 😛

  34. I see your response and thank you so much, Fird Birfle!

    We have been feeding her for 2 years and have a “relationship” so to speak. 🙂

    But now I want to, ahem, take it to another level. She has on occasion come inside to eat. She kind of likes that, but she gets very nervous so we all pretend we don’t see her. I feel so torn because I know being outside is all she knows, but I want her to experience some warmth during the winter and see if it appeals to her at all. After that I’m at a loss what to do. If I get her inside do I keep her prisoner? Do I get a leash and let her roam the yard but nowhere else, or is that cruel? I’ve never tamed a wild animal.

    I’ve tried to give her a cat bed last year and she liked it for awhile. But when it got wet in the rain and I took it away to dry it out she never used it again. Sigh. And she used to come and sit in the garden with us and then stopped. Maybe because we had people over who brought dogs and they marked the grass. I don’t know. She’s so hard to read. But so precious!

    Last thing I want to share is I do know she likes companionship even if she doesn’t get that it yet (being a cat and all). The other night I heard cats threatening each other and went outside. She was facing off with another cat (over territory) and I shooed him away. The cat jumped toward her and Calypso (our feral) freaked. I sat outside with her calming her down by just talking to her and she wouldn’t leave. She lept looking at me like, “Why are you here and please don’t leave.” Again, very fickle, hard to read.

    I wish I could have a success story like you. Did you keep the BFF cat or let it stay inside? Or did she just hang around with you more?

    Thank you! xo

  35. And hit-and-run a snail. “Officer, it all happened so fast!”

  36. villyjean says:

    *sigh* I love torts. Can’t you tell? *points to avatar* But, I really wish Sulcatas weren’t so popular. They are so tiny and adorable when they are little, but soon they can be 150-200 pound tanks. I hate seeing so many of them being rehomed or at shelters because people don’t take the time to actually think about the amount of care these tortoises actually require. /caretrolling

  37. Fird Birfle says:

    Hi again Marie.
    wow I wasn’t aware that you have/ had already been “in negotiations” with her for around two years. That’s longer than it took me to achieve trust with Reesie (I named her in two modes: both after butterfingers candy bars, b’c she had all those colors and also after Reese W, b’c I felt her personality and appearance were similar to R.W)…so from what you’ve described, I wonder if she has had to live on a tough-guy basis for so long that she’s unable to conveive of a quiet indoors and non-confrontational home. The only idea which remains in my mind is similar to what you did with the cat bed. Try to get a pleasant enclosed thing (cage or metal structure) this time with a roof against rain/ wind, and use some tangled old mess of a torn t shirt or other soft clothing or towel which has your scent on it. If that ends up working for a few days, you MIGHT slowly move the thing closer to the back yard of your house, VERY VERY incrementally (a few inches only changed at a time). She might not trust it if you move it two feet or too much. I tend to think that inside might be too much of a threatened feeling for her at this point. Not sure though.

    Oh and about Reesie. For my own preference, I would have wanted to have her inside at soonest opportunity however the building in which my apt was, NO PETS AT ALL were allowed inside the bldg. I still miss her. She was LOVELY.

    With Affection & wishing you all the luck in the world,
    L. Thomas Jax Fla

  38. Thank you L.Thomas Jax!

    You’re right about the tough skin. She has had to develop some kind of protective shell to survive. And know what’s amazing? She has never been pregnant that I can tell. So she has really had to fight to survive.

    I do want to get a small enclosure for her. That’s a great idea. Also the moving it incrementally closer. I know others are feeding her too because she often walks right by our property without gettting food or water (like today). Sometimes we don’t see her for days. But I don’t think anyone has lured her inside either. She’s just a love, white and black, short-hair with green eyes and a cute, very pink nose. 🙂

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to keep Reesie (har!) inside. But yes, what wonderful, warm memories they must be. These wild animals have no idea how much they touch us. Calypso just stares at me with wonder when I coo at her. She thinks I’m bonkers, no doubt. Lol!

    Anyhow you’re a sweetheart for helping. Thanks so much! I’ll let you know what happens when somethng does. Hopefully some success!

  39. victoreia says:


    “You realize you were going 10 inches over the speed limit, don’t you?”

  40. hahahah…I don’t know 🙂 I should wikipedia him right?
    Theresa are you staying dry in NY? (hey look, I rhymed!)