Monty Leaves It

Red, yellow, orange or brown, he loves them one and all.

We have fallen for Monty the French bulldog, Megan B.



  1. Monty is quite the rake!

  2. Monty looks quite suspicious of the leaves in the first pic and the third pic looks like he’s thinking “Why are you getting me dirty!!!”

  3. DaytimeDeb says:

    I love the “privacy foot” shot in pic #3! Heck, I love all of these pics!

  4. I have been rendered speechless.

  5. Quite disapproving, no?

  6. Mulch Ado About Nothing

  7. The third pic belongs in the Belleh Hall of Fame!

  8. IKR!

  9. Exquisite pictures of a darling puppeh!

  10. ugh!

  11. OMG what a character! Ze gorgeousness iz too much for moi!

  12. Aw, his expression in the first picture is all “Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?”

  13. It’s a dog’s life Monty

  14. Angela Eloise says:

    Whereas rabbits are disapproving, frenchies strike me as worrying. It’s the furrowed brow. Poor worried Monty.

  15. I am in total awe of not only the wit but the amazing speed with which Oakley generates her puns. I must immediately bow very low to your Greatness, oh Mistress of Punstershire.

  16. victoreia says:


  17. Seriously. It just screams “Belleh rub, please!”

  18. Yesssss!! And the last pic is definitely the Full Monty. 🙂

  19. Ackshully, I think that pup looks as though his lips have been glued together!