A Public Disservice Announcement

This Halloween, please help us prevent a heartbreaking tragedy: Each year, hundreds of pups are senselessly hunted down and forced to wear seal costumes. Many are emotionally scarred for life. Please send your contribution, no matter how large, to: Save the Seal Pups, Toxic Mills, MN.

Ann N. treats us to Bacon the French Bulldog, “…dreading Halloween. He is dressed as a baby seal and cautiously watches for sharks.”



  1. The dog looks like he’s saying “get me OUT of this thing please? “

  2. That might just be the cutest dog costume of all time.

  3. Poor baby–the hovertext really captures it. I realize that some dogs tolerate costumes well, and many are very inspired/Qte (and fabulous fodder for this site!), but I’d never put my puppeh in one.

  4. You named your dog bacon. How perfect. Just like that costume.

  5. Hey, there’s no “Toxic Mills” here in MN! I will take the puppies, however, and help them out of their little seal costumes!

  6. I am not a huge dog fan BUT this is the cutest dog ever!! Love the costume, good job!

  7. Knowledge is Power. France is Bacon.

  8. He should watching out for people with clubs instead of sharks.

  9. *applause*

  10. Holy cannoli, tracylee! You have won the internets!

  11. I agree, not cute.

  12. Oh man, I am crying. This is redonk with a capital DONK.