Wait, What Was That Second Thing?

Stan: OK, we’ll act all cute and distract them. You sneak in and take their wallets.

Carl: Yeah! I’m gonna roll in, all stealthy-like.

Stan: Who do you think you are, Captain Kirk? Look, just sneak up quietly…

Carl: But the rolling is an integral part of my ninja strategy!

Stan: No rolling! The whole point is not to call attention to yourself.

Carl: Chill, I got this. Sneak in, bite legs, get wallet, take off.

Stan: Fine. Wait, what?


From YouTube uploader Fruppelkungen: “When I was on vacation in Borneo we stopped in a little orangutan care center where we got to play with all the young orangutans. In the video you can see a sneaky one trying to bite me. Enjoy.”



  1. heh heh… “No Bite.” That must be a universal thing – I say that to my cats after I get them all wound up by trying to pet their tummehs…

  2. Roll roll nibble on knee. Ha! Love it!

    I say, “no bite” to my elderly puppy (more than old enough to know better, but still a puppy) when he gets riled up as well! Universal indeed!

  3. Hmm I say that to my dog every so often….but the somersault ambush was adorable!!! ….the nomming of the leg…not so much.
    *makes note to self…..wear pants when visiting orangutan babies*

  4. *tumble* *tumble* CHOMP!! *tumble* *tumble*

  5. He he he ! He’s been “attacked” by a wild orangutan & lived to tell the tale ! hee hee hee. I want to be “attacked” too !! Did anyone else hear the Mission Impossible music when the baby started rolling & came out of the grass ?

  6. “No bite you say? Well how about I get grabby hands with you?”

    What we miss after the camera cut off was: “Ehhh, no crotch grab!”

  7. Hmmmm, my last comment got lost in the ether…

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    1: I must express the hope that Fruppelkungen (wait, WHAT?) had already had a tetanus shot prior to “playing with primates” (jus’ sayin’ ….)

    2: Mr/ Ms. Orang really has the acrobatics *DOWN*. He/ she just needs a pretty
    tutu to join the Olympics team for Borneo ….

  9. lisaLassie says:

    Immediately after the bite he looks up with those sweet eyes, says “Oh no, I didn’t bite you. Must have been somebody else. Notme.” Then reaches up for a cuddle.

  10. Ninja’s everywhere are wondering how to kell with such kewt.

  11. O.M.G. Orangutans!! My morning is made. I love those orange, hairy old men creatures.

  12. Heaven is a wheelbarrow full of baby orangutans. *sigh*