Mind If I Park my Butterfly ‘Tocks Here for a Spell?

Try flappin’ your wings a bazillion times a second and see how tired you get.

Photo by stellar teen photographer Jessica Trinh. Discovered by Mrs. Brinke.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    at the risk of repeating myselft: “MEIN GOTT!!!”


  3. stop talking about tocks

  4. That’s right—encourage the little flutterby to get all flappity with the wings and THEN watch what happens…

  5. The perfect intro to Nosevember!

  6. Theresa! You survived Sandy! I’m so glad you’re ok. 🙂

  7. SO CUTE, IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can we get a close up of said butterfly ‘tocks?? Please…?

  9. Oh, Brinke! I’ve long thought from your references that we must be age-mates. This clinches it… a HEART reference! I thought I might just be the only one left who remembers them before BAD Animals… thank you. Gonna go “Kick It Out” now… 🙂

  10. The Original Jane says:

    So C.O. has given me two earworms today.

  11. Such a beautiful picture! Dog’s like, “Sure, buddy. Cool your heels. Or whatever. Hey, I’m going cross-eyed here . . .”

  12. 260Oakley says:

    It’s a Pupillon!

  13. Clairdelune says:

    But… but… we LIKE ‘tocks!!

  14. What a lovely picture! Reminds me so much of our sweet Golden, Jessie, who died of cancer last Christmas 😦 He loved butterflies – would chase them, not really trying to catch them, just enjoyed chasing them, tail a’waggin like crazy. I miss Jessie-boo 😦

  15. Clairdelune says:

    Oakley, you just committed a pun overload – must be prosecuted to protect the public. (You’re too darn clever, that’s what!) ;-D
    BTW, hasn’t anybody noticed the adorable doggie nose ? And the wonderful flappy earsies?

  16. Clairdelune says:

    Sorry for your loss, freetomato — maybe Jessie is chasing butterflies somewhere else now. I lost my kitty a few months ago, and still miss her every day.

  17. emmberrann says:

    Wasn’t there a song about “Dog & Butterfly”?
    That’s what this beautiful pic reminds me of….

  18. Good call Emmberrann !

  19. “Waaaaiiiiiitttt!!!! Waaaaaaiiiiitttt!!!! … Okay, NOW!!!!”

  20. Thanks! Yes, I’m lucky. My landline and internet
    are down, otherwise my corner of Brooklyn escaped the worst.

  21. But … Tocks… hehehe 😆

  22. *juvenile snicker*

    Yeah, I’m 12.

  23. or maybe a Monarch Setter

  24. *flutter*flutter*flutter*flutter*flutter*

  25. bookmonstercats says:

    Great news. The pictures we are getting over here are awful. My sympathy and best wishes go out to everybody who is affected in any way. Otherwise, I just feel completely helpless!!

  26. bookmonstercats says:

    Standing ovation.

  27. Sorry for your loss too. I’m sure your kitty is chasing butterflies in kitty heaven too.

  28. Elegant ‘tocks.

  29. I bet sweet Jessie-boo is chasing butterflies in heaven too. Sorry for your losses, freetomato and Clairdelune. Our pets live on in our hearts forever and ever.