I Coulda Been A Star Too.

Saw the first Target Christmas commercial of the season.

Sure enough, there he was. My old pal Bullseye.

We went to school together, y’know? Then he went his way, I went mine. Haven’t heard from him in years, but I’d heard he went Hollywood—while I married my college sweetheart and had some kids.

Bullseye, if you get a sec, drop me a line. Or a gift card.

Via Pinterest.


  1. How can anyone NOT stare at those tocks? What a sweetie!

  2. Actually reminds me of a bebeh Spuds MacKenzie.

  3. Jasper's Dad says:

    Spuds McKensie’s great-great-grand pup

  4. I would like the owner to know that I do dog-sit for free.

  5. The qte… it is dedly!!

  6. The nose profile, the ear flaps, the little wrinkles… [ded]

  7. Indeed–I can’t take my eyes off the ‘tocks or that little roll of chub just in front of the tail. So cute!

  8. emmberrann says:

    Just gotta lurve the little ‘tocks wrinklies!!!

  9. lisaLassie says:

    Cute Overload, you have lied!!!! This is a puppular sample of the breed, and therefore not old enough to have gone to school with Bullseye, or married etc. etc. CO, you have broken faith with millions of innocent followers who believe Every…Single….Word you write, including all caption, QuoTEs from animals etc. Therefore #1: you must be punishied. Therefore #2: IMMEDIATELY (if not sooner) deliver that pupster into my greedy—er, justice-seeking hands. That is all.

  10. OMG – I can’t handle the chub!!

  11. lisaLassie says:

    I see. I try selflessly to come to the aid of all Cute watchers, and where do I end up? In moderashun, that is where. Luckily, I see on the table books to read and a yellow cake with double chocolate fudge icing, plus a variety of tea choices. Server, server, over here please.

  12. Gah…..WANT!

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, only two ore days of Tocktober left…
    OTOH, that means it’s almost Nosevember!

  14. Ah jus luvs the nosies, but the fuzzy tocks still rule.

  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I think Bull Terriers (Bullies) are the prettiest dogs on the face of the Earth!

  16. Me too! They’re my favorites!

  17. Casting my vote for Bull Terriers! Gorgeous breed with such a fun personality. Love ’em.

  18. Im too busy staring at those rolls of chub along his rib cage.

  19. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Well, Bullies and Bedlingtons.

  20. i am hopelessly in love with bull terriers.

  21. Tailio chub wrinkle!!!

  22. Cynthia M says:

    Look at that eye spot! He be a pirate pup! The squeest on the seas!

  23. I used to be so scared of bull terriers… until I met a couple and discovered they are the cutest dogs ever. I’ve never met a softer, gentler pup than Lilly the Bullie I used to know. (To be fair, I used to be scared of a lot of dogs, not just bull terriers.)

  24. bookmonstercats says:

    There was a bull terrier starring in an Am-Dram production of “Oliver” I went to a few years ago. She had just such a bulls-eye and was a sweetie-pie. Unfortunately, just as Bill Sykes was getting all dramatic before murdering Nancy, Bully found her squeaky toy lying in the wings………..

  25. crashnandicoot says:

    I want to catch it, tackle it, pin it down, and smother the bellah with smooches. Then repeat.

  26. Linda Matuskey says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE bullies. This is a reflective pose. They are little clowns and love bugs. I want to put my face in that little belly.

  27. Need . . . to . . . rub . . . foreheads . . . with . . . this . . . . Bully Terr! IMMMEDIATELY!