And Whatever You Do, Don’t Say “Balk”

Time for some epic trolling. True fact: Moments after this video ended, the lady said “let’s take a walk to the bath” and the poor dog’s head asploded…



  1. Smart puppeh! But I hope she doesn’t do that all the time to tease him… and is just doing it for the video…

  2. Well, I hope after his head asploded, she taped him up and took sweetie Jackson for a loooong walk.

  3. Elaine From L.A. says:

    I was sad. Now I’m happy :~)

  4. CO your comments are freaking hilarious, i almost snorted cereal out my nose laughing at this one

  5. Dogs, how I luv them.

  6. I would think that she loves her dog and doesn’t mistreat him since he seems happy, well-fed, clean, and bouncy, I’m sure it was just to show that he knows the difference between the two words.

    Hilarious video!

  7. Considering several times he was heading for the bed long before she said the word bath, he doesn’t actually know the words either.

    It’s a very cute trick, and a cute video, but the dog was responding to something other than the words bath and walk, at least in some parts of it.

  8. Aw, lol! Cutie. I hope he got his walk after that!

  9. Dog: You’re flip-flopping more than Romney. Make up your mind!

  10. tommygirl says:

    Now I kinda want to go for a walk 😀

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Poor Goggie! Just pick one already, lady!!!!!!!

  12. simulflow says:

    I like his little feet scrambling as he goes under the bed!

  13. DaytimeDeb says:

    …And then take a bath

  14. Weird adult Grown Up says:

    I really feel sorry for the goggie

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m gonna hide under the bed.

  16. omg that’s what cracked me up! the back legs are all flailing out from under heems!

  17. STOP TORTURING HIM!!! Bath, walk. Bath, walk. That’s like telling me Work, day off work, day off. GAH!!!

  18. A “true fact”? Is that as opposed to a “false fact”? It’s like when someone is talking to you and says, “let me be honest with you”. Does that mean that up until now, they’ve been lying and just suddenly decided to tell the truth? Color me confoozled.

  19. I’ll wait by the door.

  20. reminds me of my last relationship!

  21. Nah, only one time he responded before she said “bath”, and that was because he paused to look back for his human, because she didn’t follow him for walkies! But then the word bath came, and running back to bring mom on a walk turned into hidinks time.

  22. what an adorable puppeh! You can come here and live Jackson! I’d take you for tons of walkies…and I would never bathe you (i’d let the groomers do that…but YOU don’t need to know that)

  23. Wath!

  24. HAHA I WANT THE SAME !!!! 🙂 soooo cute

  25. hahahaahaha!

  26. I’m amazed at how quickly he turned around under the bed. He never came out feet first! But what a sweetie!

  27. Hehehe, my dog does the exact same thing! Except both the word “Bath” and “Walk” sends him running to hide. (I think he’s agoraphobic, he doesn’t like to go outside).

  28. When someone says “let me be honest with you”, I take it to mean that they’re going to say something that’s offensive but don’t want me to be offended.

  29. If I do stuff like that to mine, they just ignore me. Once or twice of the back and forth and they get annoyed!

  30. I hadn’t noticed that but you’re right! Sweet, sweet doggeh. 🙂

  31. I have just watched a fascinating Horizon programme about research into dogs and scientists have discovered a collie in Austria who has a proven vocabulary of 300 words – about equivalent to a 2yr old child. A must see programme for anyone who loves dogs – don’t know whether you can watch it online if you live in USA though.

  32. One of our dogs loved walks so much my dad took to saying “I’m going to take the canine on a per ambulatory experience” while he got ready, grabbing her leash at the last second because she went too crazy if she had any idea she was going for a W-A-L-K — which we couldn’t say either because she figured it out. She was a black and white toy Poodle.

  33. (sshhhh… i think our d-o-g-o-v-e-r-l-o-r-d-s are getting s-m-a-r-t-e-r)