It’s National Cat Day, Everybody!

A little pair of kittehs, so soft and gray.
A little pair of kittehs, to brighten your day.

Thanks, Catherine.caf!


  1. I, for one, welcome our fuzzular, floofular Overlords.

  2. Ummmm. Isn’t every day National Cat day? At least that’s what my overlords keep telling me.

  3. Yeah, I think it would be easier to declare one day Non-Cat-Day.

  4. And even then, we’d still be feeding them and cleaning up after them, etc. :)

  5. That was my first thought as well. :)

  6. I agree with all of you.

  7. The Original Jane says:

    Scottish folds?

  8. Looks like Scottish fold/Ewok cross.

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    Matchingks with the carpet; not so much the color, but the floofiness. (-:

  10. We need to rephrase that.

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    “THA FLOOF!!!”



  12. victoreia says:

    *grabs HK Defribrathingy, starts to rush to Fird* *looks at the floof* *falls over*

  13. *applies tinee tabbee compresses to forehead*

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    *giggles even tho’ ded*

  15. *gently pokes with long sharp stick*

  16. YEOW!! Thanks for making me nearly bust my hands trying to grab and cuddle those two little sweet kitties through my monitor!!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    Wow. Only one day? I assumed they had a least a whole week!

  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    Fluffy slipper models!

  19. Purr-fect sweet wee bairns!!!

  20. Falsies!

  21. Soft kitty, warm kitty
    little ball of furrr….

  22. Iz tiny an flufey an it haz big eyez. Verdict : iz adorablez.

  23. *hides in shopping bag* What kittens? Where?

  24. Susie-Qute says:

    All 6 nieces & nephews were stopped in their mad-dash-tracks by these little cuddle-worthy fluffies! Amazing–almost Nothing stops them!


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