Trunk O’lantern

Lantern mine, don’t you cry.

Lantern mine, triangle eyes.

Rest your head close to my trunk,

Halloween punk, lantern mine.

Via Microchooser.



  1. Brilliant poem, Crazy Pants!!!!! And thanks for the earworm…..

  2. I still tear up whenever I hear that song or see that scene from Dumbo. I will sing that to my babies if I have ever any.

  3. I used to sing it to my two, before they went off to sleep, back in the day.

    *Nostaligia fest*

  4. Cue the waterworks….

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAWAAAAAH… ooh, a squirrel! I feel so much better 🙂

  5. Punkin looks a bit apprehensive!

  6. He knows he’s about to get gobbled up!

  7. I loff heffalumps. That is all.

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Fabulous poem, Crazy Pants! Also, I love how the Jack-o-lantern is so expressive. He looks like he’s saying, “ug.”

  9. victoreia says:

    That song is on my bedtime play list….and I sang it, every once in a while, to my Tabby girl.

    *where’d all this dust come from? my eyes are watering.*

  10. OHMAGAWWD that song! Brings tears to my eyes every time (thanks Disney and Dumbo!). And that poor pumpkin is the saddest looking jack o’ lantern I’ve seen.

  11. Piggyphant here has the lid from a different pumpkin in his mouf already!

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    This is TOTALLY off subject but do you all have that drawer in the kitchen where EVERYTHING ends up? I have four of them. And I just cleared all of them out. It’s an entire huge garbage bag of total and completely useless crap. I have no idea why I was keeping all of that stuff. Now it’s in a bag to be shredded. 🙂

  13. This is my favorite Halloween photo so far this year!

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY lelliphants & jack-o-lanterns ….oh, and trunks. I wanna trunk for a nose.

  15. *pats Q.O.D. on the back and gives her a little sticky gold star for her shirt*
    *looks in kitchen junk drawer and decides I am not as brave as Q.O.D.*

  16. I ain’t afraid of no Jack-o-Lantern!

    Nom nom nom …

  17. It’s called a Junk Drawer and, sadly, I have but one.

  18. Yeah, but somebody hollowed out all the good stuff! That doesn’t seem fair. Where’s all that nice gooey and crunchy stuff?

  19. I love the color contrast between muted fall leaves in the background and gray heffalump with bright orange punkin. 🙂

  20. Yesterday I watched several animals receive pumpkins to play with and nom at the Cincinnati Zoo! It was pretty wonderful. The elephants there stomped the pumpkins into more manageable bits before attempting to eat. The red panda, however, were the most entertaining pumpkin fiends.

  21. Pachyderm packin’ a punkin.

  22. fleurdamour says:

    Got some punk in the trunk.

  23. this is one reason i need an elephant.

  24. sophie d. says:

    Now I cannot stop smiling 🙂