What a Shame

You’ve seen Dog Shaming—you’ve seen Cat Shaming.

Now the pig gets it:

You’ve been warned Denise A.


  1. bob drummond says:


  2. 260Oakley says:

    Oh, the hog-manity!

  3. My piggy do that, I’d have to restrain my hubby from roastin’ her that night and claiming that not only did she have it comin’ but that she was already pre-stuffed with delicious vegetable stuffing.

    Oooh, oooh!! I haz funny voracious pig story!

    Wiggly hopped up to the couch, into my lap for some snuggling. She swung her snout around to ‘hrrrrfff’ in my face when I noticed her delightful breath. I mean it was like a flower-laden meadow of loveliness. After a second or two of bewilderment and enjoying the aroma I suddenly realized that it smelled just like my Plug-Ins electric air freshener. I rushed around the house looking to see if they were all still plugged in, expecting to have to tote the pig to work (on my dang day off, no less) to have her x-rayed, and possibly for an exploratory, for the apparatus. In the bathroom, I found the Plug-In laying on the floor, but both sides of the unit were empty. I frantically called my boss to see if she was in any danger. He suggested that I call Glade’s 800 number to find out what chemicals were in it.

    “May I help you?”

    “Yes. This is gonna be a crazy question, but my pot-bellied pig just ate two of your Plug-In refills. Can you tell me if there is anything in it that is toxic to children (as my boss told me that is it was safe for children, it would be safe for the pig)?”

    *Very long pause*

    “Ummm, can I put you on hold a moment?”

    *Even longer pause*

    Finally: “Ok, I spoke to my supervisor and found out that…”

    In the end, it was found that the pig should have no ill effects which I confirmed with my boss. They took my name and number down as is, apparently, the norm for when someone calls in about a possible toxic ingestion.

    Here’s where this long story gets funny. I got a call at work, the next day, from Glade. I assume that the person’s job is to call people one after another to see if “your daughter, Hillary, is OK after spraying air freshener in her eyes”, or if “your son, Max, was faring well after trying to use Deep Woods Off as a mouth freshener”.

    A rather bored-sounding woman, obviously reading from a script:

    “Hi, this is Judy calling on behalf of S.C. Johnson Wax. I was calling to see if your puh… your pi… your…your (a long pause where I envisioned her looking about the room for signs of her friends laughing at the joke they had pulled on her).

    I interrupted her to save her from the confusion and said, “My pig. Yes, my pot-bellied pig ate one of your Plug In refills. Actually, two of them”

    After another long pause, Judy pulled through like a trooper with nary a laugh (even though I was chuckling as stupidly as a child making ‘Uranus is 4 times larger than Earth’ jokes. Poor old Judy ‘plugged’ (get it?! get it?!) through the conversation and “noted Wiggly’s post-feast condition in her records”.

    Moral of this story? Them sweet, cloven-hooves porkers will eat ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING. Also, if you can’t quite shake that garlic breath smell for an upcoming date, Glade Plug-In refills are non-toxic to humans AND pigs! 😀

  4. I’m glad the red flames aren’t showing. I might laugh harder.

  5. He made a pig of himself I guess.

  6. What do you expect? He’s a pig.

  7. birdcage71 says:

    This little piggie went to the garden.

  8. So cute! I can’t stop laughing!

  9. I am so there!

  10. My dad had a billy goat that ate light bulbs.

  11. Mamabear, that’s a great story and you told it perfectly! I’m so glad your piggeh didn’t suffer any ill effects for his gluttony.🙂

  12. Oh my word! :O

  13. My chihuahua who rolls in offensive smells is shocked at this sort of activity. He never farts after eating red peppers, so now he feels better. The shame

  14. I’m guessing it wasn’t too bright?😉

  15. HA!

  16. I wouldn’t know, I never met him.

  17. He didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects, if anything my dad thinks he enjoyed it.

  18. Amen.

  19. the HOVERTEXT, people… the HOVERTEXT!!

    Marvelous “Babe” reference, Meg — just marvelous!