Sandy Storm Watch

Stay safe out there during the storm, Peeps. Tap here for pet safety informations!



  1. That’s a puppy that needs a few towels and hugs.

  2. coronagold says:

    That’s a pup that can use a few towels and some needed hugs.

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    *heating up some towels, gathering up some wooly blankets and doggie treats*
    “Come here Pup and sit on the couch with me.”

  4. Oh my lord, that dog looks like he’s made of caramel and lightly toasted. I want to warm him up and then eat him.

  5. Our family lives in northern Virginia–right in the path of super-storm Sandy. I hope all you cute-porters will say a little prayer for those of us on the east coast. We do have our 4 fur-babies safe and sound in the house though…(our rescue doggies names are Kiwi, Mango, Daisy and Mojo…). Keep your anipals safe…

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    That guy does look like Sandy from ‘Little Orphan Annie”. Coincidence?
    And, crossing my fingers for all CO peeps and anyone in the storm path.

  7. Keeping all those who are in the storm’s path in my thoughts.
    As for the lil guy…I just want to dry him with some warm towels and then snorgle him to pieces.

  8. For the love of all that’s fuzzy, somebody get some warm towels, a warm lap and some milk bones, pronto!

  9. I’ll say a prayer for all those in the path of the hurricane, including their anipals, of course. Everybody stay safe and warm.

  10. bob drummond says:


  11. Prayers for our neighbours to the south. And as for this precious pup, I have towels right out of the dryer, snausages and a whole day to love ‘im up.

  12. I went out early yesterday morning to buy water for my kittehs. Of course I have enough diet peach Snapple to last me about 3 months (who doesn’t?) but realized I needed a water supply for the cats. So we are ready for when the electricity goes out.
    Also, packed an evacuation kit for them…portable litter box, extra food, some cat toys, and medications. One thing that happened since Katrina is that shelters now take pets, thank God.

    I iz skeered. 😦

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    *already done been prayin’, at top speed*

    Lived in Alexandria VA for 8 yrs ….

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    prayin’ hard fer Saffron et les animaux chez Saffron —

  15. I smell wet dog. Thoughts for those in the path of Sandy.

  16. ❤ Fird

  17. I am running around in circles, waving my arms around above my head and screaming. Then I am going to hide under the bed. (Storm supposed to get here tonight)

  18. You did right. Those of us living in Hurricane Alley (aka northern Caribbean) know first hand the devastation brought upon by those terrible storms. If you live in flood-prone areas, LEAVE – the sooner the better: better safe than sorry. When the winds hit, stay away from windows and exterior walls. Have a battery operated radio with you, but don’t listen to it all the time or it’ll drive you crazy (broadcasters tend to the overly dramatic); listen to some music or watch a movie. Make sure your cell and mobile devices are fully charged.

    Take care. We’re all praying for you!

  19. Theresa, you’ll be fine. Brooklyn has withstood a lot more than hurricanes. Just take precautions and leave flood-prone areas.

    We’re praying and sending good vibes your way!

  20. roastpotato says:

    From across the pond here in London I am thinking of you all and your furries, I really hope you stay safe! Very good to hear about your preparations (especially Saffron!) and your flapping Theresa 😉

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    Prayer warriors….

    ‘Ten-SHUN for those in need 🙂

  22. bookmonstercats says:

    Stay safe, Bob. Good to hear from you.

  23. bookmonstercats says:

    Goodness me. We think we’ve got it bad in the UK – grey, rainy, cold and generally yucky.

    I’m off to sing Mozart’s first Mass in C this evening. I’ll dedicate it to all of you. The worst that can happen to us is that no-one will turn up because of the yuckiness of the weather.

  24. Well hello neighbor! We’re over here in Oakton…keep safe!

  25. YAY MOZART!!!

  26. Thanks, Madame X and all. I am not in an evacuation zone. It isn’t raining yet, but the pressure is very low, so that weird pre-storm feeling is in the air.

  27. Thanks to all of you cute-pals for your prayers, good thoughts and well-wishes…good people, you are…

  28. 😀

  29. lisaLassie says:

    Oh no, Theresa. Please don’t be skeered. I can do that for you!!! (From Philly.) Relax with a pet.

  30. Hello from Philly burbs!
    I stopped watching the news because they are SKEERING me. 😦

  31. From one East Coaster (NYC) to another, stay safe!!

  32. Here where I live, the generators and bottled water have just been flying off the shelves; we have removed everything from the back yard that can’t be tied down; also stockpiled batteries & food;
    I want to say: “Dear God in Heaven, protect all your children from harm, and also all their anipals; I’m worried about loss of lives; and also the devastation that damaging winds and raging floods can cause: Keep us, O Lord, in the Palm of your Hand, and never let us go……… Your loving, entirely unworthy servant, CKK………….

  33. Well the subways and all other mass transit here in NYC are shutting down tonight, schools are closed tomorrow. I’m just outside the furthest evac zone and we don’t tend to lose power but I got batteries and water just in case. Theresa stay safe down there in Brooklyn and all of our CO friends to the south of us stay safe and hunker down. Cuddle up like I want to do to that puppers!

  34. …our anipals seem to pick up on stress. My kittehs have been very clingy yesterday and today and when I sit down they cuddle next to me and form a protective barrier of kittehs. Fuzzy friends are awesome.

    It is great to feel the prayers from CO’ers. This ees the best site on the intertubes!

    Now I am off to fill the tub with water to manage…plumbing issues with if (or more likely, when) the electricity goes out. 🙂 This will fascinate the cats!

    VERY high winds forecasted for next two days. A lot of people have Halloween decorations in their yards which will likely go flying. I am imagining waking up and seeing a skeleton pasted against my window…Jinkies! 😀

  35. phred's mom says:

    Here in north central New Jersey we are surrounded by
    70-80 foot tall oak trees. The wind has pulled off most
    of their leaves. Odd thing, though, two of our more
    compulsive neighbors are sweeping them into neat
    heaps, then going inside to watch football. Do they
    think Sandy isn’t going to mess up those piles?
    I’m more concerned with the trees coming down.
    It’s probably like doily straightening, makes one feel
    in control when one is not. My house in Bucks County
    can get wet, too, but these trees make me edgy.
    Stay safe, all.

  36. phred's mom says:

    Yes, Theresa, that weird sense of the world waiting.
    I’ve felt that only before big storms. Critters seem to
    feel it too, the squirrels and birds are nowhere to be

  37. phred's mom says:

    Don’t flap when the winds come, Theresa,
    you might take off.

  38. I feel pretty safe, Lillith– I’m not in Zone A, after all. 😀

  39. I want a protective barrier of kittehs! (They just announced all schools
    will be closed Monday/Tuesday in Fairfax County…my teen daughter is *really* dissapointed…(-;

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m in Vegas so Sandy won’t touch here directly, but my prayers are with all those in her path! Please evacuate if you have to or hunker down if you need to. I’m praying for you!!! I know how destructive these storms can be.

  41. To all my CO peeps in the path or potenially in the path of this hurricane. I’m saying my prayers, and sending “stay safe” vibes for you and all your anipals.
    Hugs to All,
    Joods (in Massachusetts)

  42. I was wondering why one of my cats has been practically glued to my lap today, and I bet that’s it! They don’t tend to panic during storms (they did fine during Irene) but maybe this is a more subtle effect. I’ll take it- even if it is hard to study with a cat blocking my view 🙂

  43. Same here…there is a big honking tree in my front yard that is already swaying. It makes me think of the scene from Poltergeist when the tree grabbed the little boy out of his room.

    Uh oh….

    Plus I am the only person in my neighborhood who took in all my lawn stuff. Seriously, these people still have recycling bins outside by their garages! Goobers.

  44. Something strange happened with the link to the Poltergeist movie (maybe…poltergeists!). Please ignore.

  45. Queen of Dork says:

    silentk, I offer smooches to yout cat. *smooch!*

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    I mean your, not yout. I saw that mistake just as I clicked on the post comment thing.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my gosh! This sounds so scary for all of you over there! Please do whatever you can to be as safe as possible. I will pray for you from over here in the west. Are you guys okay?!

  48. Queen of Dork says:


  49. Sending positive thoughts from Down Under.

  50. Is it a yout-ful cat? 😛

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    I”m an ex-Fairfax Countian, tinychih!!! If you’re anywhere near Fort Hunt Park or Old Stage Road, we would have practically been next-door neighbors !!!! 🙂

    Best of non-storminess to you !!!!!

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    Hey Theresa — good vibes, prayers, virtual hugs, etc all in your direkshons.

    Earllier today on the Weather ch., they showed a few #’s data from the 1938 storm and Sandy — compared data like the barometric pressure etc … just one or two digits difference. Hold on to one of your kitties!!!!

    Pax hominibus.

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    phred’s mom — I’ll lay a wager that there will be BIG LIMBS at least, from such trees, down on the sidewalks by the middle of the week!!! Stay out of their way!

  54. C’mere pup, lemme wrap you in a nice warm towel and snuggle you till you’re nice and dry!
    It’s been interesting to see the James River Bridge lanes UNDER WATER, and knowing that the Midtown Tunnel is flooded, and wondering how the other two bridge tunnels are gonna fare when the rain and wind REALLY hit tonight. Not scared, not since Irene paid us a visit last year…but I tell ya, I really shoulda stayed in the mountains! At least there it snows…

  55. wannadance says:

    hello fren’s…over here in roanoke. fairly high. put bebeh in pet carrier with catnip and treats, shirts and tees of yours, your cozy towels bring yoursef’ and bebed up here where it is safe… kisses on noses…

  56. wannadance says:

    and for all the people and bebehs all over the world, needing help and warm…

  57. wannadance says:

    yuckk, polterguit..cain’t stand it…

  58. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Checking in from the DC area! So far *knock on wood* the rain hasn’t been bad. Good thoughts to everyone else in the region and up and down the east coast. We’re all holding on tight.

  59. bookmonstercats says:

    Lots of people turned up, as it happened, so the chorus didn’t outnumber the audience. We also had the most AMAZING pair of young ladies playing Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante K364 .All that in a county town parish church!

  60. Thank you for you most excellent hospitality, ‘dance! My fur babies happen to be 4 little revue doggehs, with varying degrees of naughtiness…but all very cute, and as we all know, cuteness outweighs a multitude of naughtiness, when it comes to our fur-babies…stay safe…(-:

  61. ER…”rescue doggehs”…not revue doggehs…darn that auto spell-check…

  62. Hi Fird! We’re on Vale Road, which runs right thru the middle of Oakton. We moved to VA last year and LOVE it here…(-:

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    **Please pardon this non-animal tangent, peeps*

    to tinychih

    With the luxury of living there while *NOT* obligated to make a living (school age kid with parents/ Dad worked Pentagon, eight yrs) I can say that living in Fairfax Co under those circumstances, and feeling safe to take surface busses into DC to wander around Smithsonian museums alone for hours at a time…..
    (we were in zip 22308)

    it was neck-neck with our years living in Japan, for my favorite part of my life.
    I’m so grateful to my Dad for his achievements which allowed our family to
    enjoy life in DC without many financial concerns, for eight years.

    Also the nature: cherry blossoms, dogwoods & daffodils in the Spring;
    the Appal. Mtns in the fall…and one year we thoroughly enjoyed the annual
    Army/ Navy feetsball game at Annapolis. ALSO DONT MISS if you haven’t gone yet GO TO the Folklife Festival about 10 days’ worth approx Memorial Day.
    INCREDIBLY inspiring. Lil’ ol’ guys from the mountains singing Blues, pumpkin bread from Seminole Native Americans, etc etc.

    *Blessings and protection prayed for, for the entire NorthEast quadrant of Our Nation and areas in Canada *

  64. Fird, thank you for your wonderful insights into life in this neck ‘o the woods! I have fallen in love with NoVA (I’ve learned that that’s what the locals call this area…(-:
    What a blessing you’ve had to have lived in such interesting places. I will definitely check out the places you recommend, and report back on my findings…thank you also for your kind thoughts for all of us during this storm.

  65. phred's mom says:

    Would stay out of their way if I could, but
    we are surrounded by big trees. And the
    wind is strengthening. Yikes. By the way,
    Saffron, where are you? My mother’s house,
    where I will be moving, is in Doylestown, near
    Furlong where your friend is. Hang tough, all.

  66. Fird Birfle says:

    to phred’s mom et al:
    What I meant was for later, after the dramatic 48 hours have passed, when you can venture outdoors to “see what’s to be seen”. And I’m hoping that none of the Big Trees is sitting two feet from your den or bedroom or if they
    are, that they are extra vigorous, strong, solid. Just referring to the aftermath, when you can safely venture outdoors again, don’t assume all things that look vertical and strong will remain vertical!!! Best of luck and safety vibes your way and remember the parts about trees coming down is part of Mother Nature’s way of clearing out trees that aren’t vigorous, to allow for new baby trees to replenish the neighborhood for another generation!!!! Be safe.

  67. roastpotato says:


  68. Just wanted to check in with all who were in the path of the storm. Hope & pray you all & your anipals are fine. My kitty was a cling-y little girl last night.

  69. Well, there’s still a tree on the house, but we have power now so we can take comfort in Teh Qte. No power from 11 PM Monday to 1 PM Wednesday = cold house. Anipals were as good as gold. I’m in Mont Co PA-who knew so many Peeps were close by!

  70. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY TT 🙂