Our Very Special Gift to You

For the month of Tocktober, with every purchase of Super Sparkle Lip Therapy Ultra Gloss, you’ll receive the P-OW!-derPuff™, the revolutionary applicator that turns makeup into a real wake-up.

It’s Sonic, by tahnok42.


  1. Prickly butt!

  2. bob drummond says:

    OUCH !!! What rough looking powder puff !!! :-)

  3. Maru, you’ve met your hedgehog soulmate.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    true. hedgehogs in boxhab??

  5. Honestly, NTMTOM, you should start actually trademarking some of these gems! This, I think, is my all-time favorite. Especially the tagline.

  6. With NTMTOM, they’re all our favorites.

  7. Of course they all are! But @jakepets has a great idea – can you get an account at the Trademark/Patent/Copyright office (or wherever these things are done)? NTMTOM should have one before the ad agencies start stealing his stuff.

  8. We need a NTMTOM tag.

  9. Thanks!! 188 pages should be enough for that coffee table book. Where’s that publisher when you need him/her?

  10. Actually, if you click any writer’s byline (their “pen name” just below the title of a post), you can see a listing of posts by that writer. Try it!

  11. YES!!!!!

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    I think I have that lipgloss!
    I wish I had that hedgie!

  13. victoreia says:


  14. Patting that puff across your face should reduce the need for blusher – you would pink right up. OTOH, explaining all those little red dots might be a problem.

  15. That’s a wall adapter power supply? Maybe they should call him Static instead.

  16. It’s true what they say; it’s always harder to put it back in the box than it is to take it out.

  17. I’m imagining the hedgie with her face on: pink lipstick, blue eye shadow, rouge and false eye lashed :lol:

  18. *pokes self in eye* Ow! Am I doing this right?

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    eez funneh, M. :)

  20. I try… ;)

  21. Mebbee it’s just me, but when I first saw the foto, it looked to me like Hedgie had just gotten ahold of someone’s unfinished Chinese dinner…..
    (Hims probly finishing off the fortune cookie dessert right naow……!!!) :roll:

  22. Also, as a beauty blogger/maven, I’m now giving myself neck strain trying to figure out the brand on that double-sided gloss. If it’s crème/iridescent nanoglitter like it looks, I want it!

  23. The Original Jane says:

    Exfoliation is being taken too far people.

  24. victoreia says:


  25. coronagold says:

    Are they really as dangerously prickly as porcupines? They are cute.

  26. Hee! This little dude looks a bit cross – the spines are all up, and criss crossing in different directions. When they’re chilled out, the spines lay flat and you can stroke them.

  27. So how’s the coffee table book coming along, NOMTOM? This gem (& text) go on the front page!

  28. wow i guess she got her wish! a hedgehog nail salon!


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