Do I Have to Do Everything?

Not only I gotta babysit these puppies, I gotta let ’em in myself?!

No problem, I got this…



  1. où est la photographie?

  2. Tagged kittens, pups… NOMTOM must be taunting us…

  3. Seems like someone forgot to let the puppies in… cannot see the pic *sadface*

  4. uh-oh, problem with the video. I’ll check it out…


  6. skippymom says:

    Cats rule.

  7. Once again cats superiority over dogs is proved! 😉

  8. Dogs drool.

    Dogs rule as well, but the fact that they drool is well-documented 😀

  9. Good job, kitteh!

  10. Bwahahahaha……cats totally rule!

  11. Stressfactor says:

    I love kitteh sitting there looking at hoomin like “You’re not going to put the camera down and let me in. Really?! Really. *Sigh* Okay. Crazy hoomins and their videos.”

  12. Lisa(is awesome) says:

    But who let the dogs out? Roof, roof roof

  13. …waits patiently to be let in.
    …scratches on door jam to arouse the hoomin
    …waits patiently a bit more
    … thinks “ah, f* it, I’ll let myself in”
    …jumps on handle and shoves door open
    …everybody rejoices

  14. awwww! yay for kitties!

  15. Dogs drool.

  16. Marmies are smart and capable kittehs.

  17. Is it just me or was that cat used as the model for Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? Clever kitty :3

  18. Blue Footed Booby says:


  19. I think he was just trying to get away from the whack job puppehs. 🙂

  20. The little puppeh at the back is all “What just happened??”

    Looks like he might have arthritis or a hurt foot or something, poor lil dude.

  21. If cats had opposable thumbs humanity would be their minions…oh wait, we are already. 🙂

  22. “Everybody chill out….i got this.” Smart cat. Too smart….

  23. Blue Footed Booby says:

    There are a lot of animals like that. Cats are definitely one of them, but I think crows still have cats beat on the “Thank you, God, for not giving them thumbs” list. We’re talking about animals that have figured out how to use vending machines and what traffic lights mean. They’ve invented sleds.

    The Egyptians may have worshiped cats as gods, but never as *trickster* gods.

  24. I just love that the cat’s name is Dexter!

  25. Yeah crows are scary smart, I’m very glad that there are no drive-ins left so they can’t catch a showing of Hitchcock’s The Birds, might give them ideas.

  26. Clever girl …

  27. However did the animation for Toothless definitely had kitty inspiration. I have a friend that swear that Toothless is actually her cat in dragon form.

  28. Buster is awesome! I bet that lady waited for Buster to close the door too though.

  29. “I really should’ve checked the details in this au pair program before I signed up…”

  30. ooh agreed. I am always ranting about bird intelligence to my cat-loving friends… but they never believe me because I have birds so they think I’m biased (which I am… my birds are so smart!)

  31. This! The head tilt near the beginning where the cat is SOOOO calling the hoomin a dork. Priceless!

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    izzat the opposite of “Who let the dogs out”????


  33. Fird Birfle says:

    Es gibt eine gescheite Katze !!!!

    PS: not sure of my “e” endings/ male/ female….it’s a Fri night; work with me, ‘kay???

  34. My birds are super smart too Alissa. I’m with you.

  35. Just because I’m a member of the Cool Cats Clan doesn’t make me an orange supremacist! 😉

  36. arr arr

  37. Yep 😀

  38. januaryfarmer says:

    You bet…excellent…