How To Care For Your Human

At least once a week, take your pet to the human park, where she can run and play with others of her own kind. However, the constant activity and stress can cause dehydration, so make sure your human gets plenty of fresh water.

Via Buzzfeed on Facebook.



  1. I would love for my dog to do that… alas she is too short. She can’t even wash dishes. :o( Nonetheless – this is a great pic and proves that animals are smarter than humans (99% of the time).

  2. It’s nice to know there are human owners out there doing their best to take care of their young humans.

  3. Parks 101: never take your human out without a leash! Tsk tsk, doggie.

  4. This is awesome! Anyone out there that grew up in the Chicago area in the 60s, that remembers watching the cartoon, Clutch Cargo? The dog in it would stand up like this and open door knobs or shift gears in the airplane, etc..

  5. a new kind of water dog!

  6. Yep, megacute!

  7. So full of WIN

  8. Never mind the leash, pupster needs a pair of pants or a little bit more fur 😯

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    What a caring and conscientious pet owner!

  10. stbernardmom says:

    Love your post!!

  11. Why? I happen to like that view. 😀

  12. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    She can’t even wash dishes? My Beagle is very helpful. He always “cleans” the dishes for us after we’re done eating 🙂 I never have to scrape & rinse, ever.