As soon as she was born on 10-12-12 at the Cincinnati Zoo, Lulu the baby giraffe is amazing, majestic, dappled, dewy, incredibly cute, and …hmmmm oh yeah! Knobbular!

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Congratulations, Cincinnati Zoo



  1. YAY a new babay Giraffe in the world! YAY!

  2. GeorgiaGirl says:

    Autumn, the giraffe at the Greenville (South Carolina) Zoo, just gave birth too (October 23 or thereabouts). YAY! You can google for pix and a webcam address.

  3. WHO’S knobbular? YOU are! YES you are!

  4. It amazes me how they can stand up on their own within minutes of hitting the ground, whereas hoomin babies take months and months to learn the same skill…

  5. Giraffe’s have the most beautiful eyes. And who wouldn’t be jealous of those gorgeous eyelashes. No foreign objects getting in those pretty peepers.

  6. YAY! Cincinnati Zoo!
    YAY! New Giraffe!

    Whenever I think about the zoo, I hear/sing the song…

    We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.
    How about you, you, you?
    Would you like to come too, too, too?
    We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Lulu means “precious”! And she surely is!!

  8. Lulu is perfectly precious in every way. 🙂

  9. The Original Jane says:

    Also love the intro the zoo has for their videos. Very nice.

  10. Two? Our cups runneth over!!!

  11. Tim, is that you?

  12. Aww, look at the sweet baby giraffelette! How can something so tall and knobby be so cuddly?

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Love the little seeking lips at the end! “Mom, where is it? I’m hungry!”

  14. I saw her for the first time today. She is soooo adorable! She ventured outside today for the first time with mom & dad, though when I saw her she was inside. Here’s Lulu’s first outdoor adventure:

  15. beeplaysbass says:

    Lulu is very cute. Her umbilical cord hanging out of mom still? Not so much.

  16. I can almost hear her thinking ‘OK, feet go underneath. Undernea– under– under– there’s not enough underneath for my feet to go!

  17. This is wonderful! I remember the last baby giraffe the Cincy Zoon had, and how she broke her leg and had to be put down. It was so heartbreaking. We had gone to see her at the zoo, and the accident happened only days later. It was horrible. This makes me very happy.

  18. Yay! Someone else sings the Zoo song besides meeee!
    So, not only did I smile at the baby and mama, I learn of the shared love of the Zoo song!
    What a good day!

  19. 0:42 Trying to find neeeeeple!!