The first time we featured Seth Casteel’s Amazing Underwater Dogs, the response was tremendous. Seth just let us know that he is announcing a new book. Introducing Underwater Dogs–a compilation of his best photos. Dive in! Order now.



  1. skippymom says:

    This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Do the dogs really want to dive underwater??


  4. The Boston Terrier!!! *gasp gasp*

  5. skippymom says:

    I think those eyeballs are about to POP OUT!

  6. Elaine From L.A. says:

    Both hysterically funny and amazingly bizaare :~D

  7. Elaine From L.A. says:


  8. Rex looks like he’s got a stream of bubbles coming out of his eye…that’s freaky.

  9. Hee! Goofy dogs in water. I’ll have to find a copy.

  10. Oh yes they do!! I had plenty of dogs growing up and all of them LOVED diving for stuff in the pool.

  11. Ah, yeeess. Finally, photographic evidence of the Reservoir Dogs.

  12. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…. BWAHAHA!HA!

  13. Agreed! 🙂

  14. skippymom says:

    When will he be making the book of cats doing this?

  15. Third dog from the bottom reminds me of those deep sea angler fish that look like giant mouths with two fins.

  16. I love that one too! 😀

  17. My Chihuahua doesn’t… lol

  18. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Sometimes there will be a slight gap where the eyeball doesn’t quite seal to the eyelid, and air can escape through that. When I was in high school, I got an upper respiratory infection, and promptly freaked out when I learned that I could blow air through my left eye by holding my nose and blowing (like you do to “pop” your ears). The doctor said it was nothing to worry about. I can still do it. 😯

  19. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Just went back and looked at Rex. Nope, that’s not what’s happening here. 🙂

  20. never. nobody has that kind of insurance.

  21. best episode of So You Think You Can Dive, evar!

  22. Well, they usually are under normal circumstances, but THIS… heheheh

  23. Oh how I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove doggehs!

  24. Ermehgerd! Ternersh berhls urnder wherder!

    The hubby pointed out that the eighth one down looks like a basking shark:

  25. Oops, you mean “oops”!

  26. Those are some serious teefs!

  27. Are these pictures real? Don’t get me wrong! They’re awesome, but some of the ones at the end seem computerized. I understand there must’ve been some editing done to the pictures but it just seems like a little TOO much was done on some. Not criticizing.. just curious! Super awesome pictures nonetheless!

  28. emberrann says:


  29. emberrann says:

    Tawk aboutcher wackadoodle eyes!!

  30. ocelot252 says:

    The one with the ring reminds me of Mylo when he puts the mask on in The Mask

  31. Almost as funny as those pictures of basset hounds running!


  32. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Been done. Less hilarious, more terrifying.

  33. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They appear to be HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos.

    So strictly speaking it’s not “natural” but it’s also not shopped in the sense of being deliberately altered.

  34. Catwhisperer says:

    No offense, but… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!

  35. Judith Baum says:

    Oh…this was so funny! I laughed out loud at each photo. You have to love dogs to appreciate this~

  36. Crazy awesome! I love these (and I am not a dog person). The details are incredible. Excellant photography!

  37. What a fine look at dogie dentistry.

  38. Probably not a great gift for people afraid of dogs. But for those of us not afraid of the teeth, awesome!!

  39. Ahhh yes, HDR. The Thomas Kinkade of modern photography.

  40. I can do that too.

  41. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’s a neat technology that can do great things when used properly. The problem is it’s one of those things where if you can tell it’s there, it wasn’t used properly.

  42. I agree. Same with tilt-shift photography.

  43. Seth is a great photographer. I love his work!!! 🙂

  44. Oh god that would REALLY freak me out. Eye stuff makes me paranoid. 😯

  45. I have to say, Meg, you’re showing your age with the MTM ref in pic#3’s hovertext……

    Not that I got it, or anything. *whistles innacently*

  46. my dog loves the water and loves the taste of the water he makes that face everywere

  47. Honestly, some of these look pretty scary…. especially the last one!