Max Stubbular: Fill ‘Er Up

Here we have our guy Max stoppin’ by his favorite watering hole for a shot of H20. Doesn’t look like that tap is puttin’ out, Maxie–can we get you a Pelligrino?

Got this one from Corgi Addict, we did.



  1. Thup, thup, thup…

  2. The Stub! The Chub! Gah….Max you kill me! Come over here…I’ll make sure you have fresh bowls of water 🙂

  3. Ahhh, Corgis…the very definition of stubbular excellence.

  4. Drove my Corgi to the levee but the levee was drive.

  5. And you know, this is MOS DEF a #Tocktober shot.

  6. Oooo, like that one! Don McLean approves.

  7. … though it should read “but the levee was dry.” Sigh.

  8. I must pick him up and huuuuug heeeeem! *hug*

  9. DaytimeDeb says:

    Poor little guy, looks like he’s been left high and dry.

  10. Dry maybe but not high 😆

  11. DaytimeDeb says:


  12. fuzz rump!

  13. Yay! Max Stubbular! My favorite show!

  14. emberrann says:

    Either way, 260O, eitjer way! Haw!

  15. emberrann says:

    Oopsie, “either”…. Sorry, Grammar Geeks, still having the first dose of caffeine of the day!

  16. Wow-this month’s Tocktober pics have not disappointed! And they keep coming, too. Fuzzy ‘tocks that are just guaranteed to make ya smile!

  17. Could there possibly be a cuter name for a cuter Qte??? I think not.

  18. pupfanatic says:

    It MUST be Pellegrino…well…okay…perrier, then.