Oh, Brother

That kid better not mess with my kibble.

Popeye the Pug reacts to your his soon-to-be-borned younger brother. Mazel tov to Sender-Inners Dave and Pam A.



  1. Poor doggy looks like he’s saying “Get that thing outta my face!”

  2. Poor pug, he better get used to sharing his toys.

  3. Puggy says, “Just keep him in THERE for cryin’ out loud, FOREVER!”

  4. I wonder if Popeye can hear something….”take me to your leader”….he looks like he’s listening to something!

  5. To head bump or not to head bump.

  6. Pug is going “And I thought I ate too much.”

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    The bun in the oven is not my fault. YOU took me to the vet.

  8. I wondered that – can goggies sense there’s another being in there? So lovely if they could!

  9. “And I gonna be the bestest big brudder ever!”

  10. When my sister was expecting, her cat would stretch out on her legs and rest her little head on the ‘baby bump.’ Lucy Fur got quite a shock the first time she felt something move inside her ‘pillow.’ And my brother-in-law was bent out of shape that “That cat felt the baby move before I did!”

  11. Animals know stuff that we can not – they have additional senses – so I can totally believe Popye knows…

  12. my cat definitely knew i was expecting before i did (luckily she’s taking it well)

  13. RoadRunner says:


  14. Popeye looks a very concerned about that bump. Awwww!

  15. tommygirl says:

    This one is precious 🙂

  16. victoreia says:


  17. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    “Lucy Fur” is an excellent name for a kitteh!

  18. Sam Maser says:

    I don’t know if the parents-to-be will see this, but my beloved pug boy, Cosmo, who was five when I had my daughter, definitely knew what was up. In fact, he hung out with me during the early parts of labor, but when my water broke and things intensified, we sent him upstairs to stay with some neighbors. The next day, after the baby was born, we called to check in on him, and the neighbors said that he’d been restless all night, finally settling at 5 in the morning. My daughter had been born at 4:57 a.m.! Ultimately, the two of them were good pals, though he was always *my* dog. Sadly, this past February we had to put Momo to sleep — he was fifteen and a half, and failing. But now there is a new pug, a black one this time, and he and my daughter have bonded in a whole different way. Good luck with the baby! You’re embarking on life’s most fascinating adventure…

  19. Lucy Fur. Ha-haw.