I am about to switch to Animal Planet!

OK, this debate thing has been on for, what, half an hour? Mwah mwah mwah nuthin’ but a foreign and domestic policy snoozefest. And not one mention of providing more treats for kittehs. Not…one. Is there a CUTE PARTY I can vote for?

Via Reddit.


  1. Psssst: There is also POST-SEASON BASEBALL on.

  2. Go Tigers!

  3. You betcha! SF up 7-0 woohoo

  4. 8-0 now. Cardinals have just had the sky fall on them.

  5. PS: Re: Your Avatar: BEEP!

  6. DanBenZvi says:

    I’m with you, kitteh…

  7. lisaLassie says:

    Finallly a completely fair review of the debate.

  8. President Obama is about to get up close and personal with the phrase, “the cat got mah tongue”…….

  9. I would LOVE to vote for the Cute Party! Where do I sign up? :-)

  10. Tater Tot says:

    All the stoats would be on your side.

  11. Personally, every cat I’ve ever known would be facing away from the screen. Not a political statement pur se, just a comment on their opinion of humans.

  12. must be a bug on it ;)

  13. Yeah… Obama was so Zzzz again I had to change to Animal Planet.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    also worth noting: the kittayn is participating in ‘Tockstober, sort of … I mean, they’re
    tucked UNDER but we are seeing things from the Rear View Mirror :)

  15. Can I cast my vote for the kitteh? Cuz he’s a whole lot cuter than either candidate, not to mention way more funsies.

  16. You can move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and vote for Tuxedo Stan as the mayor!


  17. We have been having problems with our mayor here I wish Tuxedo Stan would move to Montreal and run for office here!

  18. Oh man, I’d vote for Tuxedo Stan in a heartbeat!

  19. Me too! Tuxedo Stan is sooo cute.

  20. Same here, Rachael and Saffron :D He can come to the West Coast of Canada :D

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Have you ever gone looking up pictures of politicians when they were younger? It can be…interesting.
    Biden: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbsqs5yd9u1qfljjlo1_400.jpg
    Mccain: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mav3p2tFM71rg36igo1_1280.jpg
    The Clinton o_O: http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9700000/Young-Bill-Hillary-bill-clinton-9773771-384-344.jpg

    On the actual topic, KITTEN 4 PRES

  22. The Clinton one has hair that is a leetle scary. 8O

  23. Love that photo.

  24. not even a cat person and I want to vote for the kitten. Kitten/Puppeh 2012!

    can I just say… that would be the cutest Cabinet ever.

  25. The hover text keeels me….”I really have no clue what they is talking ’bout”
    We don’t either sweetie, we don’t either…..

  26. The debates would go a lot more smoothly with a feline moderator. Cats have a low tolerance for nonsense.

  27. Truer words have never been spoken. You have nailed it!

  28. Clairdelune says:

    Can’t believe it, nobody noticed that sweet kissable baby kitteh neck and the snorgable spot between the earsies, and the adorable fuzzy ‘tocks…as for the kitteh’s focus on the screen, maybe it’s a girl kitteh, the Prez is pretty snorgable too. :-)

  29. It does look like a pink collar, so I think you’re right! So obviously, kitteh, like Michelle, has good taste too. :)

  30. I noticed, Clairdelune :D I so want to snorgle and cuddle that sweet little kitty :D


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