THIS JUST IN! World’s Smallest Pup Alert!

The Daily Mail is reporting there is a new S.D.I.T.W. (Smallest Dog In The World) People.
“Suni” the pup weighed only 0.1 pounds at birf:

…and is dwarfed by a mobile phone:


All photos by CEN/Europics. Read and see more over at The Daily Mail.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    If’n Ah had a body that size an’ a hay-ud that size, Ah’d be fawllin ovuh awl tha livelong day!!!!!

  2. anonymous coward says:

    dear lord, how is this even remotely possible?
    my cats are bigger than this!

    (no, not the reincarnated sumo princess, the little schizophrenic clown!)
    (yes, new feline team here, both of them adopted from the local spca…)

  3. Peanutcat says:


  4. Are you keedding me? He’s dwarfed by his own haiyd!

  5. Eep!

  6. She’s now 3 months old and weighs only a 100g 😯

  7. This is so cute I almost cried.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    Cat, patooey! I’ve seen mice bigger than this!

  9. He’s about the size of the hairball my cat coughed up the other day.

  10. Fird Birfle says:


  11. “Thats not a real puppy!Its too small to be a puppy!”

  12. Just imagine picking up this little cutie. When I brought home my little Trixie at 8 weeks old, she weight 2lbs! Compared to this little bit, she was huge! Unreal.

  13. Clairdelune says:

    OMG, I would have to spend the entire day holding this little bit of floof in my hand making kissy noises. I would also be scared to walk around the house, terrified to step on this precious minipup.

  14. I can’t believe no one said it yet…

    “That can’t be a real puppy. That’s too small to be real.”

  15. I feel sorry for his pup. Makel sure it doesn’t get bullied by all the bigger creatures esp cats. Hmm, on e bright side, must be easy to sneak him everywhere.

  16. His huge head looks like it can barely be supported on that teeny neck and legs.

    I hope that they’re being careful, baby like that has got to have fragile bones.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    I am in agreeance with your entire statement. I would be in the same frame of mind.

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    Does anybody here, know the post mortem traditions required to observe when somebody plotzes???? I seem to recall something about needing to hold the service and bury the body within three days or some such …

  19. I am pretty easy going on my definition of cute. I like rats and bugs and all sorts of typically none cute things but I just find this sad, very very sad. Please read what these dogs go through to get them this size.

  20. skippymom says:

    My cats’ poops are bigger than this dog!

  21. Fird Birfle says:


  22. skippymom says:


  23. Infinity of awww’s! This is not only a poopie… it’s a peepie poopie!

  24. Syrian hamsters are bigger than this!!!! 😯

  25. 😆

  26. @ about 1:23, prepare to be ded from the extreme sweet content!

  27. Although devastatingly sad, everyone should read this to be informed. I thought I knew the worst but I had no idea how horrible it really is.

  28. elfdancer says:

    Imagine the weeny little raisin poops here.

  29. Okay, that picture with the nail polish actually had me flailing. I’d be afraid I’d break a dog this teensy.

  30. omg, just too cute!

  31. Though I delight in all things tiny and adorable that C.O. brings me… I feel a measure of shame for this one. That dog is just too small.

  32. Same here, Karla 😦

  33. megamissystar says:

    BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*sound of EKG flatlining*

  34. pupfanatic says:

    Actually Fird, I laughed at the *plotzes* comment, but to answer your quest, in the Jewish religion, you must bury the body within (I think) 2 days max. Why? That I do not know.

  35. pupfanatic says:

    You mean the human Mommy giving kissey poo to the little angel??!!! Totally ded -THUD!

  36. Susie-Qute says:

    Just watched the YouTube video of this teeny pup. I thought the human(s) were very rough with the little guy–too aggressive with the grabbing and turning and smooching. They were obviously not invested in him. Oh, also do not want to read how they get just little ones–would give me nightmares. Anyway, I’d be afraid I’d break the cutie-pie.

  37. Agreed.

  38. If I remember correctly, it’s because the body had not been embalmed. So things might get a bit, um, aromatic . . .


  39. Too small. This person should have gotten a hamster or guinea pig if they wanted something this small, not a dog.