Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster ResQte!

Poor Bebeh Trunkster! Now the little guy gets himself stuck in a well! Watch from about 4:00 on. He hauls ‘tocks until- well, see for yourself.


Fine work by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, I figured this would turn up here! If this isn’t cute, I don’t know what is!

  2. OMG! The sweet baby running to her mother when she finally gets out!
    And the mommy’s rumbling when she sees her! And then big sister standing guard wile mommy feeds her little sister. (sniff, sniff)

  3. tell me again that animals don’t feel emotions! bebbeh’s all “Mom, Mom! I fell down and you were gone and …and…and…ooh, nice melks.”

  4. Wow, they really had to shoo the momma so far away? So glad the bebeh and mama are reunited.

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah the mama was getting agitated and sat on the jeep at one point. Better to shoo her so they could get the babeh out…

  6. Elephants can be very dangerous when they’re protecting young – they’re huge and surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, they don’t always see that the humans are just trying to help, and will attack and make the situation worse. Of course, perhaps mum retreated that far to maintain a safety zone from the humans.

    When I saw this yesterday I almost teared up when the music kicked in…beautiful moment!

  7. Not to be critical, but I think this version would be more appropriate:

  8. Sorry, I never can get embeds to work right. Here’s another link just in case.

  9. Am I the only dork who’s actually crying?

  10. Nope…

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Darn allergies! *sniff, sniff*

  12. Lydia Woods says:

    God bless their hearts. Karma will reward them ten-fold.

  13. Elephants are the most awesome animals on the planet.

  14. Me too! Doubly so since I’ve been reading the National Geographic that just came out on ivory. Elephants are such magnificent, intelligent, irreplaceable creatures.

  15. If that isn’t just the most touching thing I’ve ever seen. The depth of feeling on the part of those hefalumps is simply amazing.

  16. ^5 for the Piano Guys!! Perfect soundtrack for this rescue!!!

  17. I admit I’m jaded about how we treat our Earth. That explains my following comment: HOW AWESOME ARE THESE HOOMINS???????
    They admit they don’t have to rescue this little tot. But they couldn’t leave it!
    Restores my faith and all that stuff.

  18. How frickn awesome is that!

  19. No, I cried like a baby when I saw the baby run like the wind to momma. It is so very touching, I still have tears running down my face.

  20. That was the part that got me too! And she rushes out to meet the baby…elephants are so human in their emotions.

  21. Me too, it’s impossible not to cry watching that. *sniff sniff*

  22. JustAnotherHeather says:

    Was anyone else worried at the running part, thinking the worst? That the mother had gone, thinking that her baby was dead? I was so worried until it cut to the mother elephant. I did not realize that I had been holding my breath!

  23. Yeah, same here, something’s making my eyes stream….

  24. Ovaries around the world ovulated at that scene.

  25. I think I could watch this everyday for the rest of my life and still cry each time.

    Elephants are such beautiful, kind and intelligent creatures. I don’t know how anyone can ignore that fact and put them in peril. Not talking about the video, talking about the survival of their species. God, I hope I win the lottery one day so I can fund organizations like this one. Make their jobs easier and save elephants.

  26. What lovely hoomins these are to be working to help the bebehs one at a time. Thank you, thank you.

  27. Totally blubbling. The baby elephant should be named speedy Gonzales for the dust left in it’s wake when running to Mama.

  28. Nope too… :’)

  29. Yet even though Mama was pretty far away, you could still hear her calling.

    It was good that the people followed Baby to make sure she got to Mama. They kept their distance once Baby was safely out but were still watching over her. Wonder what it feels like to be a guardian angel?

  30. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Elephants don’t belong in circuses and they don’t belong in zoos.

    Help support the good works of The Amboseli Trust for the Elephants (this clip) and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,both in Kenya.

    African elephants are under siege as they haven’t been for several decades from poachers serving a wealthy Asian market and they’re being killed simply for their tusks.

    Help save the African and Asian elephants. Thanks.

  31. Zoos and circuses make a big effort to give their elephants a good life. And it’s safer than the wild right now. And how else are most people going to have a chance to see these magnificent creatures up close? Videos like this are great, but nothing beats seeing the real deal in person.

  32. Two things:
    1) The Xena Warrior call is the only thing that could scare off elephant-mom 🙂
    2) LOVE the little dust trail that rises behind the baby as she zoooms off to find mom- just like in the cartoons!

  33. Awesum peeps….well done!

  34. More like asploded.

  35. I ovulated, then cried, then ovulated some more.

  36. My husband, upon seeing me crying in response to this video, said, “yup, you’re still pregnant.”

  37. My heart broke for poor Mommeh Felefant!

  38. Who decided it was a good idea to chop onions in here? *sniff*

  39. Agreed! That’s some prime ululatin’
    And let’s not forget those 3 folks risked life, limb and vehicle. Who amongst us would be driving forward and howling when a tusker is charging towards us? Wow.

  40. I think somebody was cutting up onions….yeah…that’s what’s making my eyes water.

  41. I second that, Lydia Woods 😀 The mom elephant looked like she was looking at the humans as if she realized they got her baby out of the well and stayed with her until her mom could come and get her 😀

  42. I don’t have ovaries but I managed to cry anyway.

  43. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    There have been studies done that a momma will not leave her dead offspring often for a week or more. Their memories are extraordinary and the love they show for the herd is inspiring.

  44. Thank you seems like such feeble words to convey my gratitude for those who saved the baby elephant. And yep, I’m crying, too!!!

  45. OK did someone chop up some fresh onions today or were the onions from yesterday REALLY STRONG????? Sniff,sniff, sniff!!!

  46. Big shout out for humans helping animals, instead of hurting them.

  47. Absolutely not. *sniff, sniff* What really got to me was the dust trail behind the olliphant bebeh as it made its very direct way to mommy olliphant. So beautiful. I love humans that are kind to animals.