The Rine in Spine Sties Minely in the Pline

No, Eliza! The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!

Just you wait, Luna



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    YIY 🙂

    (aka “YAY” in ‘Mericun, translated into ‘Lizaspeak…. ‘Liza Doolittle, NOT
    Judy Garland’s Liza )

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Right-wing zealot tries to clamp down on free screech.

  3. In ‘ereford, ‘artford, and ‘ampshire, ‘urrikins ‘ahdly hever ‘appen!

  4. But Senator Bird was a Democrat.

  5. How kind of you to let me come.

  6. I’m a good girl I am!

  7. mindadale says:

    Yeah for musical-theater references before noon! Good way to get me through to lunch.
    (The political comments have transitioned my mental track to 1776, though. “Mr. Adams, dear Mr. Adams…”)

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    That is ENOUGH twitter out of you for one day little lady. Do you know how much each tweet is costing me on our bird calling plan. I just can’t wait to be an empty nester. stamps feet and ruffles feathers.

  9. A great picture, is it not?

  10. Bravo!!! hehehehehehehe

  11. By, George, I think she’s — no, no, I think HE’s got HER….

  12. I would think it takes some kind of zealot to infer any sort of political meaning out of this pic. I for one dislike seeing political content on this site; there are plenty of them, if that’s your taste, please keep it there. However, since you have breached the gate, here is a bit of news on where free speech actually IS being repressed, and the zealots are hardly right-wing by any accounting.

  13. Sorry, also meant to say, that for a number of reasons I try to keep “Penny” strictly apolitical; I have another persona who regularly engages in political debate. Apologies to Penny and any of her other fans who are grieved to see her embroiled in this sordid affair.

  14. In case you did not notice it was a pun and a good one at that. The only one bringing in the politics here is you.

  15. You know we love all your puns, Oakley. Don’t stop. You’ve got talont!

  16. The pun was fine, but the “right-wing zealot” was a “cheep” shot.

  17. Owl take that as a compliment. Thanks. 😉

  18. Ha ha. OK, give it a nest, please.

  19. I envisioned him saying, “shut your worm hole!” 😀

  20. The only bit of 1776 I know is: “Saltpeter, John!”

  21. Yes, let’s all be good eggs.

  22. Fird Birfle says:


  23. Fird Birfle says:


  24. DaytimeDeb says:

    And when Jefferson finally gets “stuck” with the pen and hence has to write the Declaration of Independence, the lyric changes to “Mr. Adams, D**n you, Mr. Adams.” Ahhh… that show was a favorite of my family, thanks for bringing back so many good memories today!

  25. “I washed me face and hands before I come, I did!”

  26. phred's mom says:

    Good grief, already, the bird in this pic is extending his right wing.
    That makes him a “right wing zealot”. It’s a joke. Lighten up,
    puleeze. Pyrit is correct (notice I didn’t say “right”), give it a nest!

  27. In 1976, my sister and I were at a production in LA. During intermission, we overheard a woman say, seriously, “I hope they sign it!”

    We exchanged horrified looks and laughs.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    And poor John was obnoxious and disliked!

  29. No, Eliza, you didn’t SYE that… you didn’t even SAY that.

  30. DaytimeDeb says:

    That’s hilarious! And sad. 🙂

  31. DaytimeDeb says:

    That can not be denied…