Tipping Pointer

Here at the CuteLabs proving grounds, our scientists perfect the products of tomorrow without which you’ll ever wonder how you managed to get along with. Here we test the PortaPuppy™ Mark II — now with 50 percent fewer lead weights.

Notes YouTube uploader mgreer4: “Teacup miniature schnauzer having a hard time standing in her new life jacket. It is a little heavy for her right now, but she needs to get used to it so she can go to the lake.”



  1. Bettymouse says:

    Not cute, sad!

  2. Sort of like a Weeble, but in reverse.

  3. [sniff, sniff] Here’s a story about a resqte doggie that saved a baby’s life:

  4. Auwww that wee teacup schnauzer looks just like my standard schnauzer when he was a wee pupper. 🙂

  5. I can’t tell you how much I loved this post! The delicate leetle baw-baw (puppeh), the peenk vest, the wee handle… the redonk rolling! A great way to start the week!

  6. So how is a vest too heavy to stand up in supposed to save her in the water???

  7. I assume the floatable vest will buoy her right up to the surface.

  8. Poor little cutie. It’ll be all worth it when the pup gets to swim around. I wish I could see video of that.

  9. And I doubt if it’s really too heavy… I would bet that because it’s new to her, she’s just confused while she gets used to it…

  10. yup. that guy who jumped from space couldn’t pick up his balloon himself, but it picked him up 20 miles. or actually the outside air did. bouyancy is a weird thing.

    part of this isn’t the weight, it’s the fact that they probably taught her to lie down by pushing on her back (note the command to sit down is accompanied by a shove on her tocks), so she thinks someone is pushing her over and she complies

    you have to train people how to train dogs so they don’t create behaviors they don’t know are there, so they can see what’s going on when things go sideways

    it’s still cute. nobody said cute had to be smart

  11. What a cutie patootie!

    Reminds me of the first time I put a winter coat on my chihuahua and placed her on a step to wait for me. Apparently she thought she couldn’t walk in that coat, so she just rolled on down the stairs. It was only two steps and she didn’t get hurt in the least (I think the coat cushioned her fall), but I didn’t stop laughing for about a week. 🙂

  12. The bigger pup is all “meh!” to little teacup’s problem.

  13. looks more like “don’t wanna” rather than being heavy XD

  14. emmberrann says:

    The late-and-much-beloved Mr. Picky gave this same reaction when itried to 1) put acollar on him, 2) put a harness on him and 3) tried to put anything resembling clothing on him. Pet Rock imitation!

  15. Awww! So cute and floppy! My dog (who is part mini schnauzer!) has the exact same life jacket and I took a video of her first time swimming in it… I don’t think she was particularly impressed. http://youtu.be/w6Zkj8IvgLg

  16. Stressfactor says:

    Also may be a case of the pupster thinks it’s a game.

  17. Thanks for posting the link ceejoe! That is such a wonderful story!!!

    I am glad Maggie’s owners are training her to wear life vest. Too many times you see boaters with a dog on board and no life jacket on the doggeh. 😦

  18. Wow. This is a first world scenario if I ever saw one.

  19. Yes I agree that it’s more of a “what the heck in son my back, I better not move or it’ll get me” than that the vest is really too heavy.

  20. Oh the grace, the style! Spike makes these guys look like amateurs!

  21. They see me rollin’, they…lovin’!? (Laughing out loud in my case! So cute!)

  22. You could argue that putting a life jacket on a Newfoundland or Lab is just redundant.

    Once my parents’ Newfie “fell off the boat” and then resisted all rescue attempts.

  23. summermixx says:

    i agree. how would someone like to be kept down, not even able to stand?

  24. Very true. Or she’s part fainting goat.

  25. That’s so silly. I love the handle. 🙂

  26. lisaLassie says:

    The other night on Too Cute on TV they showed some shepherd puppies being fitted with similar vests and at first they acted the same way.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    *comes to attenshon*
    “Wha — did somebody mention ‘goats’???” 😯

  28. Fird Birfle says:

    THIS (Meaghan’s parents’ Newfie story) IS WONDERIFFIC.

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    Yet another example of how clueless je suis. Je ne comprends pas the title of this post, yet I’m sure that it’s some ridiculously self-evident thing.

    “Tipping” and dog not able to stand — THAT part I get. The pointer part? Not so much.

  30. Aw it reminds me of when my cat got stitches so I made a onesie for her, rather than subjecting her to the cone. It took her about an hour to master NOT falling over while just standing there.

  31. Tater Tot says:

    I think it’s a riff on “tipping point” not a description of the puppeh.

  32. I sincerely hope that the puplet is okay because I laughed my a*** off at this clip.

    (That’s a***, not a**, because my a*** is English, rather than because I can’t count asterisks. And I assume they are necessary, so my a*** doesn’t get chucked in the Mod Lounge. If not, I will return and enjoy saying it unfettered.)

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    I find that sufficiently grooveh to work!!! thx MWAH

  34. Yes, you two, I agree! What horrible owners for taking measures to keep their dog safe on the boat. How dare they put that painful, spike-laden outfit on her! Listen to how the owner speaks to the pup, yelling and shouting and the horrible names they call her. I especially dislike how the dog is obviously starving. Looks like she doesn’t eat enough; probably never even gets a treat-sized morsel.

  35. For whatever reason, my “” notation at the end didn’t come through, for anyone who didn’t ‘get’ my comment above.

  36. This visual made me giggle almost as much as the video…I had a chi and he only had sweaters which he would wriggle out of as soon as you put him down inside. He liked to pretend he needed help to get up and down the stairs…it’s just sooooo far to jump! (Well, I guess when you’re only, like, 8 inches tall…). Of course, if you ignored him long enough he’d find a way 😛

  37. Allene – I have to ask, if’n you don’t mind, and I hope you come back and see this, is that really your name and if so how do you pronounce it?

    And now I wish we had a life jacket for our mini schnauzer when I was a kid. (Though she didn’t swim much, only in the pool, and never unattended.)

  38. ”So how is a vest too heavy to stand up in supposed to save her in the water???”

    how does a boat that weighs 3000lbs float on water keeping a 150lbs man afloat ?

    science baby!


  39. Our Chi is the opposite. Then again, she learned that wearing outfits usually meant going for a drive in the car, or going to the park (Farmer’s Market). As soon as she sees a sweater or dress, she gets exciting and practically dresses herself.

  40. I think she’s learned the sequence of “falling over and getting straightened up amuses my human and gets me a treat”.

  41. Completely different story, but when I first put a harness and leash on one of my cats, she did the same thing! She just “threw herself” to the floor because she wasn´t used to it. Now, dogs are different creatures and have different behaviour to cats, but maybe the wee little Schnauzer really just needs to get used to wearing it. I don´t think it was too heavy. It was either a game to her or she wasn´t used to it yet…. not sad! CUTE! And it made me giggle so much too. 🙂

  42. At first I was wondering whether they taught her to tip over when they said, “Come get a treat!” lol! And the awkward tilty-sitting at 1:11. :DDD

  43. Also, a “pointer” is a kind of dog.

  44. That was hilarious!!!

  45. Yep, it’s my name! It’s pronounced “uh-LEEN”. And yeah, Spike doesn’t swim much either, she reeeeally hates getting wet – we thought the jacket would help because at least she wouldn’t feel like she was sinking, but I think it’s more the sogginess that bothers her. It is very helpful when we’re in the kayak and she decides to jump off in the middle of the lake though!

  46. Too funny! I didn’t even know they made life vests for doggies. After seeing some of the videos on youtube I can see how they work and I ADORE the little handle on top for easy extraction from the water.

  47. I know! I try to watch it on a regular basis. I think I lose weight from the laughing.

  48. Nothing cuter than a dog with its own handle.

  49. i think they mean it is sad that a dog is inbred to be so tiny that it cannot stand up to the weight of some puffy vinyl.

  50. I miss having pups…one of these days I shall get another (preferably a Chi with a similar personality to my last one, who was generally the most laid-back little thing I’ve ever met)…

    I asked about your name because mine is Allein, pronounced AL-leen and I wondered if yours was pronounced the same…almost, but not quite. 🙂

  51. Oh, and Lisa the Schnauzer (really my mom’s dog; I was 4 when we got her) would sink as she swam. She’d paddlepaddlepaddle and go lower and lower with each stroke. But someone was always with her to make sure she didn’t go under. (Though my dad may have been more concerned about the lining of the pool…)

  52. Uh, it was. Note that she conveniently stands upright when given treats, and only collapses when the treats stop.

  53. Same here. She looks more like she’s drama queening than actually unable to stand… especially since treats magically alleviate her problems.

  54. Curse you, Pavlov!

  55. E.a. Solinas: If you watch it though, several times when the dog is ABOUT to get the treat, it falls over anyway. so it isnt the dog trying to mug for treats, it is not being able to walk around. also, when the dog ‘rolls’ over and just goes flipping on its back and side, that is weight, not the dog rolling on purpose.