And Now I’d Like to Do My Impression of Donald Trump

“You’re fired!”

Abby S. says: “This is my hedgehog, Piglet. He’s about four months old and wonderfully pudge-tastic. He’s growing up to be a big boy, he’s already almost a full pound (don’t worry, the vet says he’s very healthy). He loves snuggling up in sweatshirts and sliding down couch cushions. And sleep. Mostly sleep.”



  1. Now waittaminutewaittaminute! This here pudge-aliciuos Mr. Hedgie McHoggie is in no way, shape or form even remotely similar to His Supreme Comb-Over, the Imperial Ego in Chief, a.k.a. the Donald…

  2. except that all we can see of Piglet is his “behind”… and that’s all you-know-who is!

  3. lisaLassie says:

    This end of little Piglet is handsomer than the other end of you know who.

  4. Took me a minute, but I totally see it 🙂 Nice tail-nose

  5. I totally didn’t see it until I read your comment. It’s a such cute set of ‘tocks I couldn’t focus on anything else.

  6. Piglet a$$ is waaayyyy cuter than the Donald!!!

  7. You should see how cute the other end is! 🙂

  8. fleurdamour says:

    Are you saying Donald Trump looks like a hedgehog’s butt?

  9. I’d say that’s an insult to the hedgie’s butt!

  10. Do you mean Donald T. Rump?

  11. Peeeeeeeeglet! Best hedgie name ev-ar!

  12. Since nobody has said it yet: TOCKS!!
    YaY for Tocktober!