Halloween’s Coming Soon!

Got your costume? Maddie does!

Images by Theron Humphrey.


  1. emmberrann says:

    Lerve your new fascinator, dahling! And orange is soo your color!

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    re. photo numero uno:
    “oooooooo Maddie !!! how vewwy scawwy !!!!” 😯

  3. That first photo is fantastic.

  4. Spook Dogg

  5. And P.S., you HAVE to click on the link to Maddie’s blog. The photos there are incredibly creative. What a great dog.

  6. awww! Maddie is one of my favorite internet-doggehs! She seems like such a great dog🙂

  7. I’m going as Maddie.

  8. I did! And I swear that dog has the patience of a saint!

  9. I had custody of The Kid’s boxer-and-? mix dog while she was deployed. It came to be Halloween, and Robbie, being the never-met-any-human-he-didn’t-like dog he was, insisted on answering the door with us.

    When the people at the door (late in the evening…) turned out to be some rather rowdy older boys, I was glad to have the big wuss by me. (They couldn’t know the worst he would do was slobber all over them!) And they backed off even faster when I told them he was actually my cat: “Great costume, isn’t it? He made it himself!”

    (FYI, The Kid got home safely, is now married, and Robbie lives with them, two other dogs and a big fluffy white cat…)

  10. Yes, photo 1 is the best. Photo 2 is more like the “stuff on my animal” posts, more artily done.🙂

  11. Yes, photo 1 is the best. Photo 2 is more like the “stuff on my animal” posts, more artily done.🙂

  12. simulflow says:

    The pix are great!! I loved the vampire teeth on page 2🙂

  13. Niiiiice!😆

  14. victoreia says:

    *snicker* “….he was actually my cat….”

  15. It’s funny how a dog of any size will make some guys think twice about messing with you. A pom once scared a man away from my car at the drive-in just by barking!


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