Avengers Disassemble!

Fear not, citizens! Earth’s Wrinkliest Heroes™ are here to protect you! (Starting by protecting you from your delicious shawarma, which was a bit greasier than they normally make it and you would have totally hated anyway, trust me.)



  1. tommygirl says:

    I want shawarma now!

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Wonder Twin powers activate!

    Raises hand: Where is Cat Woman?

  3. I hope somebody sends this to Joss Whedon–something tells me he’d love it.

  4. Uh, Thor seems to be having a problem with his helmet.

  5. Now there’s an Avengers movie I would go see!

    Though, I had to look up shawarma, and the picture on Wikipedia looks utterly disgusting. Though I’m sure my cats would love it. (Actually, no, I’m not sure of that…they’re picky little brats. They might hate it just because I said that.)

  6. At first I thought there were only two doggies, each playing two roles, then there’s four, and finally at least six around the table at the end … endless cute doggies, wonderful!

  7. Agreed!

  8. Me too! I think they multiplied! (Mitosis from eating too much shawarma?)

  9. fleurdamour says:

    They swarmed the shawarma.

  10. taking a nap. i swear she does that 23 hours a day.

  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    Pug SMASH!!!

  12. I have just sent this to everyone I know. If they don’t love it, I no longer know them. That is all.

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    I want to see an Avengers/x-Men mashup with cats, featuring Kitty Pryde and Mogneto.

  14. I love HulkPug’s back and forth barooing.

  15. alternate universe answer:

    look for Nick Furry. find him, you’ll probably find her.

  16. Sharon Wilson says:

    I used to know a dog named Thor! He was a shepherd mix, though, not a pug.

  17. Actually, it’s delicious, at least for humans: think Persian soft taco: warm puffy pita bread stuffed with sizzling hot sliced lamb or beef, garlic sauce, hummus, pickled turnip and peppers, lettuce.
    Mystery over what I’ll make for lunch!

  18. Excellent baroo at 0:20

  19. Pugs with the power of Mitosis would be AWESOME. Except, it would also be like having Tribbles……We’re gonna need a bigger back yard.

  20. Shawarma is DELICIOUS. Looks awful, tastes amazing. (But then again, I also like scrapple, so maybe I’m no judge.) And for the record, don’t feed it to your cats even if they do like it. it usually has garlic and/or onions on it and that’s not good for kitty tummies.

  21. Don’t worry, the cats don’t get people food and usually don’t eat it even when we do give them a bit (don’t think shawarma will be showing up in my parents’ house any time soon, either). Sometimes at dinner I’ll put a pea or corn kernel on the edge of the table, and Girlcat will reach up and swat it off (doing her best not to actually touch it, it seems; either that or she needs glasses) and then bat it around for a bit before getting bored. When they were kittens they would play “pea soccer” and we once found several petrified peas under a wicker box that’s in the corner of the kitchen. They used to eat them when they were little but the Boycat doesn’t even play with them anymore and the Girlcat only plays for a minute and then walks away. Sometimes she’ll just knock them off and that’s it. They’re 6 now, I guess they’re too grown up for such games.

    I never even heard of scrapple until I went to college in central PA; not a fan of any kind of sausage-like or mixed meat substance. And I’ve never liked lamb or veal (never tried goat).

  22. I was trying to see if anyone would get the Big Bang Theory reference…;)

    My Pablo had a tribble (ok, my ex had a stuffed tribble that Pablo would sometimes half-heartedly play with; he was much more into lap-sitting than toys).

  23. Hmm, what’s for lunch in the mod lounge today?

  24. I would totally watch this Avengers movie! I think I was the only person on the planet who thought the actual Avengers movie was TERRIBLE.

  25. victoreia says:


  26. OMG, I just died! These pugs are super adorable! I want to bring them home with me! 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, the Avengers ain’t got nothing on them! 🙂

  27. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    You mean Meowneto?

  28. i came to write something about how redonk that was, had me covering my face as i cutegasmed. now i just want shwarma.

  29. battling evil with the power of Qte.

  30. I´m a total cat lady, but pugs just turn me into a puddle of goo every time… 🙂

  31. You can also get chicken shwarma…as one of my friends used to say…I want some shwarma to keep me warma! *insert groan here*

  32. My favorite avenger? The one as captain america…the dead pan look behind that mask was awesome! I felt like he/she was thinking I am NOT amused.

  33. wow mods? Hmmm wonder what it was that I said.

  34. Think of it like a gyro. More or less the same thing.

    Then again, I could be enough of a noob because I can’t tell the difference between souvlaki, shwarma and donner kebobs. Except that I like them all with lots of tsaiki sauce.

  35. I bet the word, “dead” was what triggered it.

  36. I was right.

  37. This is brilliant. Am I the only one who has Sheldon flashing through my brain when the big Hulk hands showed up?

  38. My fish is named Thor Bettasson. (-:

  39. BLASPHEMY. (Confession: I saw it six times in theaters and pre-ordered the DVD.)